10 useful tips for laptop users

Laptop increasingly popular, but how to use the laptop properly, not everyone is aware of. Here are 10 principles to be many manufacturers recommend computer users when using the laptop.



Laptop battery is considered one of the important equipment. Better quality battery, the ability to use your computer more efficient because the device is mobile help your job become smoother. Most laptop batteries composed of current mobile and are made from Lion batteries so fully how similar use.

When buying a new laptop, you will be provided with a device adapter attached to the unit. When charging the battery, take about 8-10 hours of charging in the first 3 times use fully charged battery. These are general principles of the current lion battery manufacturer default by initially only embryos that are not yet loaded into the battery charged.

After you’ve loaded enough, you should not use the device plugged into a laptop’s adapter used immediately but rather discharged about 90% of electricity is integrated in the battery charger so you just (that is about 10% longer battery life) and then charging more (enough for about 3 times as noted above).

By doing so, you have extended battery life much longer, especially avoiding bottles battery case. There’s also one more thing that you should pay attention not to turn off the machine several times in a short period of time because like you’ve indirectly make more damage the battery fast.

Besides, you should not “working and charging”. This will reduce the battery life significantly (eg mobile phones). When the adapter is damaged, go to its official dealer or store your machine to make the correct adapter purchased by the manufacturer to ensure the electrical current into the battery when charging.



Laptop screen as the screen is not often, it is more like a mirror screen, ultra-bright display … When it gets dirty, you should use a soft cloth dipped more dedicated solution (do not use alcohol, bleach wash ) just wet enough to wipe the screen, avoiding that case the machine is turned on for easy wipe caused electrical damage to the machine (preferably a power off). The process wipes gently cleanse, from top to bottom and then use a soft cloth to wipe clean and dry. In the process of working you should not use your fingers tap the screen because it is a direct action to influence the structure of your screen.

Place the right way

Because of the amount of heat radiated Laptop is huge (mostly below), so you should avoid to the machine on your lap. When placing the machine, you also need to pay attention to the use of fabric for tablecloths underneath. If you have more budget, you should spend a little more money to buy a dedicated machine liner device capable bottom radiator (compatible with your laptop and have a fan for better heat dissipation). These devices are on the market there are many, as the CoolMaster, Gigabyte, … with many different types of radiators.

Do not leave the machine on items such as blankets, curtains, sofa, … because these things will not only heat dissipation, but also to become warmer and more laptops. When working look for places with a fixed plane, airy, wide and away from breakables, pets, … is also a noteworthy point is that after the shutdown should not be absolute in his pocket computer notebook that should let it cool down for a while and then put on.

Using a dedicated handbag

Laptops are one of the devices easy most damaged by impact. Therefore, for a laptop bag is also an indispensable device. Young people today often follow fashion but for your laptop, it does not necessarily have to choose a bag with nice design, but should choose what kind of bag is capable of bearing, anti-friction, mobility and waterproofing when having to buy water.

Usually when you buy genuine bags are donated and then, but if you can try to ask whether sellers can add more if you want to change other types of bags are not better? And 2 points more notable for special bags that you pay attention to is: the ability to keep fixed the machine while moving and need moisture resistant packages together with the laptop bag.

Open the screen properly

Normally when a user opens the screen to make such a significant concern, but it is particularly important. To perform properly, close / open gently to avoid causing a ground cable between mainboard and screen. As recommended by the manufacturer, you should open the screen at an angle between 90 ° right to 120 ° is the most standard and as referred to in Section 2, you should not open / close the screen multiple times in a short period of time .

Reduce screen brightness, turn off unnecessary appliances

If you temporarily do not use the computer, instead of the shutdown to idle, you should adjust the screen brightness reduced because as mentioned above the on / off repeatedly will greatly affect life of the laptop. Also turn off the device when not in use such as wireless networking, USB connections, … and should not use the speaker with battery music to save battery.

Do not open the CD / DVD scratched

Almost any current laptop is equipped with a reader CD / DVD at all, and if you deliberately put themselves on the CD / DVD to be scratched into reading, you’ve indirectly make reading eye reduction drive as well as the phenomenon of life will increasingly fussy disc increases.

Use the mouse and keyboard

The two devices are the two devices close to most users, you seemed both incredibly small problem, but if so, you’re totally wrong already. Depending on the computer maker and the model that structures the keyboard will be different designer. Laptop keyboards are much different with desktop keyboard because when damaged, it means you have to open up your laptop to edit keyboard. Therefore, when using the keyboard you be careful when doing work on them as it were quite soft. As for the mouse, the more simple you can use the mouse external connector (usually USB mouse), but when using the mouse, you lock the outer rollover sensor functions in Laptop Touchpad has come.

Using the operating system and install the software correctly

PC makers are now almost as selling machines are installed in a Windows operating system licensed as: XP Home, Vista, … to help your computer more secure. If extra money, you can earn some copyrighted software to help applications run more stable machine. And do not try to make the software as “free” and not to use the software crack (cracked). Prices for the current Windows Vista Starter or XP Starter quite soft compared to laptops (600,000 to only about 700,000 only) so you absolutely can afford. Also do not forget to set yourself a computer anti-virus programs and conduct regular data backups.

Hardware Upgrades

Finally this is that almost most people make is that the computer hardware upgrades. The equipment upgrade RAM and HDD mainly because these devices do manufacturers recommend than the CPU because of the risks to the generally higher CPU, when selecting equipment upgrade you should choose the specific device for laptops.

However, when upgrading your computer hardware should proceed to bring the machine to the place of purchase or distributor for advice select compatible devices and check its compatibility How to buy a laptop as normal when the distribution and sales areas will be stamped on the chassis so you complete peace of mind (except for portable goods out).