11 Secrets app for Apple employees

Apple is known for secrecy. The new product was developed at room design Jony Ive’s secret – where only a small number of Apple employees have the right to enter.
When the iPhone 4 prototype leak at a bar by an Apple employee carelessness, companies quickly find ways to recover the fear of the media or opponents can discover the secrets inside this product.

At Apple, its employees have access to a series of individual applications, allowing them to contact other members, test equipment or deal with customers. Thanks to the hackers exploit the vulnerability from the iPhone’s software and test equipment posted a surprise to clients from a US network, people have discovered the secret applications for the company’s employees .



Appleconnect security service allows employees to use Apple registration applications and other services. Quite interesting is that Apple’s internal application used to form the pattern unlock mechanism (slide your finger to draw a picture to unlock any) like Android, instead of slide to unlock.

Daily Download
9to5Mac first discovered Daily Download from 2011. It is a form of internal reports for Apple employees.

Tank is a demo application format, developed by Apple to test the capabilities of the Game Kit tool for developers.

Apple Genius refers to the professionals who work at the Apple Store, help repair the user’s iPhone. MobileGenius experts help check the information that the user and the device’s performance down.


When an employee discovered a problem on iOS, they will report back by MobileRadar – checking system internal error. Icon of this application is a anteaters (in english means is bug, bug also refers to the error on the PC, phone)

This application is used to test a series of components and sensors on the iPhone, iPad. In addition, this application also contains a clip with 4 songs of rock band INXS.

If an Apple employee to lunch with a certain partner, Apple employees will take a photograph of the lunch menu and enter it into the app Receipts. This application will then receive an amount that is spent on the reception to the Apple system.

Red Zone Mobile
RZM used by the Apple Store store manager to compare the performance of stores with other retailers and with the previous year. Do not have a real picture about this app is public because it contains the sales of the company.

This is the application used to download applications for jobs at Apple and updated information about the work.


Touchfighter 2
TouchFighter is an experimental game developed by Apple employees to check the machine’s acceleration sensor.

Apple employees often go to work very early in the morning to answer emails leadership. Therefore, UNIBOX is one of the applications they use regularly. It will display a message on the phone of Apple employees, while acting as a voicemail service.