2015: Disaster for HTC

HTC has established itself so much bad financial record in 2015 this. Based on the gloomy financial situation of HTC, analyst Ron Amadeo Ars Technica page said that 2015 is the time of the disaster with Taiwan manufacturers. The expert said: “HTC has always scored points with users about hardware, but how bad media will make the company more difficult. That’s not to mention the numbers are not as expected during too.”
Specifically, the report in the last 6 months shows that revenues in the first months of HTC only about 280 million, down 60% compared to the same time last year. In particular, this is a record low financial month for about 8 years now, since 2007.


HTC One M9 “spray bombs”

Ron Amadeo shared: “In Q1 this year, the company’s revenue was $ 1.3 billion, up 22% compared to the same period last year, while net profit after tax of $ 11.6 million, much better compared with losses of nearly $ 60 million in Q1 / 2014. However, only a few months later, HTC shares fell less than 1 half. in particular, monthly sales of HTC fell 38% in April , 48% in May, and 60% in June. ”
The event was Ron Amadeo emphasis was on the last 11/06, the value of a company’s shares fell $ 2.7, according to the information listed by the Department of Taiwan Stock Exchange. In other words, this is the lowest level of HTC shares since 10 years ago, this situation forced manufacturers to reduce Taiwan predicts sales down 35%.

HTC reason why salt to the mobile market, is the One M9 was not as successful as expected. Demonstrates that in addition to the configuration upgrade, appearance of One M9 proved hardly different from its predecessor. Because of this overlap makes users feel boring and not very interested in the HTC’s blockbuster.
In addition, since the preparation on the shelves, the HTC One M9 has immediately encountered overheating question in all tested heat is generated. Score users questioned posed is 810 Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm with high performance, but also the students a lot of heat. Despite largely overcome weaknesses in its products, but sales of HTC situation still not very satisfactory.


CEO Cher Wang

And in a recent shareholders meeting of HTC, Cher Wang CEO also made an apology to the shareholders of the HTC One M9 failure as well as the stock dropped sharply in recent times. At the same time, she also said it would continue to increase productivity, and optimize supply chains.

CEO Cher Wang said, she and her colleagues will create a new flagship Android platform running. She also stressed, HTC’s blockbuster smartphone next generation will be a breakthrough in mobile villages with new design and good configuration. And that may be the Aero HTC is rumored recently.
However, the question is whether there are going to HTC footsteps of Sony ago, when the blockbuster hit two in a year. Or this will help improve sales HTC’s One M9 bleak or will make the products of Taiwanese manufacturers’ rock chick with a different mother. “