3 steps to increase security for your Google Account

If you’re using your Google account to store pictures, email, .. then the following methods will help you to enhance the security of your account, limited intrusion by hackers.

Most websites now use the authentication mechanism, you just sign in once with your Google account is already possible to join this website. However, if the password was leaked, the data in your Google account will immediately “disappeared”.Therefore, protect your Google Account means that you will keep all your personal information is always secure. And a couple of the following methods will help you do this.

Add account recovery options

It would be worse if your Google account has been hacker hijack you have no way to get back. So, one of the preventive measures to avoid cases like this it is added account recovery options Google.
To do so, after logging into your Google account on the browser, you click on the account avatar in the upper right corner of the screen and click the “My Account”.

At this time, the interface appears, click Next on the Sign-in & Security section, and then locate the Account recovery options. Here, you enter an email address and phone number to your Google account recovery if something goes wrong.


Activate 2-step authentication

With 2-step authentication when logging into your Google account, enter a password in addition to the operation, you have to provide a random code sent to the phone number you registered.

So even when holding your Google account and password attached, hackers will also “helplessness” if the phone with the phone number on still lies in your hands.

And to enable this feature, still in interface Sign-in & Security, you come to the sign-in Password & method, then and press the 2-Step Verification select. From now on, you only need to follow the instructions given by Google.

Add optional authentication 2 times.

Disable Allow Less Secure Apps
The 3rd party apps from unknown origin are often the cause of many security vulnerabilities. Therefore, if not necessary, you should disable the option “Allow less secure apps” (Allow Less Secure Apps). This way, your Google account will avoid the security risk by using applications of unknown origin.

To do this, the interface remains in the Sign-in & Security, highlight Connected apps & sites item in the left navigation bar, then locate and move the bar Less Secure Apps Allow activate the OFF mode.