5 easy to encounter risks when buying Cheap iPhone

In addition to genuine goods with list prices from Apple, world market also popular kinds of laptop with a much cheaper price, which, not least the “development” had been refurbished. An old iPhone 5S portable marketed only 6 to 8 million, while the goods bought are genuine double amount. However, Cheap iPhone contains many risks, from the quality of products, accessories to warranty the product during use.

No warranty from Apple

Prescribed by Apple for a new iPhone warranty is a one in 12 months change. However, in Vietnam, only the sample is distributed via two carriers, FPT or from an officially authorized units of the new Apple policy is applied on.Portable iPhone sold only liable where warranted even longer Apple’s warranty period on the system.

The distribution lines are genuine iPhone in Vietnam often have characters Serial number is the tail of VN / A. This information can be found in the back of the box, inside the section Introduction (About) Settings (Settings). Additionally, the supplied charging bulb is long form with rounded legs.


How to identify genuine iPhone

Included accessories not found “genuine”, quality assurance
Quality accessories that came with the iPhone “portable” Cheap does not equal what comes in a new machine. Cables, chargers, headphones usually give added by stores. In some places, to create competitive prices will give the headset and charging cable out to sell, however, is most often fake accessories or “lots and lots”.

With lightning cable poor quality, after a period of use or when upgrading new iOS operating system, users often suffer from the iPhone the “accessories incompatible”, even can not charge the battery again.

No original casing

Most popular cheap iPhone in the market are older, such as the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C or iPhone 4S, iPhone 4. To increase the attractiveness, refreshing stores outside the plant forms by replacing the glass, borders. Ministry steel frame of the iPhone 4 and 4S is priced less than 300,000 dong while the rear glass is priced at just over 100,000, is sold in stores popular phone components. Even the shell of the iPhone as the iPhone 5S newer or 6 hours to buy nor difficult.The iPhone rather prone to scratching shells, soft shells and pretty sturdy as the original.

Network key version


iPhone network lock is goods are distributed through the networks in foreign countries but is popular in Vietnam market by cheap prices. If used in Vietnam, users are forced to use the sim unlock code transplant or purchase of the international network.

Using the iPhone sim face transplant makes some errors Classified as USSD commands can not be used (for checking accounts), contacts, and with the first error message +84 (Japanese on some models).

These errors can be remedied by software through the “unlocked” iPhone jailbreak but did not receive early updating iOS from Apple, not as an international initiative.

Encounter every building, refurbished

Hang up the term for the iPhone has been used, even damaged but were repaired or replaced parts to be able to operate and have beautiful appearance, new. iPhone also has a variety of built: just replace the small details such as microphones, speakers, screen, Home button; higher than the chip inside the change, turn the machine into a key international network …

With heavy intervention, the quality of the sample used this easy problem, as poor battery, touch screen is not sensitive or fingerprint sensor, the Home key flutter