5 effective cloud apps to share files

This article will provides 5 popular effective cloud apps (free and trial) you can used for sharing files between devices and with colleagues, customers, friends or family.

1: Dropbox

Dropbox is a file hosting apps in the cloud, help users to work with multiple folders on your computer or on a mobile device and the files are synchronized with one click, supporting Windows, Linux, and Mac as well as the iPhone and phones Android. Dropbox provides 2GB of for free use, but users will have to register for an account. If you want to increase the storage capacity to store more files, users can upgrade to a Pro account and get 50 GB of for $ 9.99 a month fee or get 100 GB for $ 19.99 fee.


2: SoonR

SoonR is a popular cloud apps , provides users with the tools to share files between multiple devices and different platforms. The biggest difference here is the only thing that Soonr free period is 30 days trial. Then, the Premium Edition with a monthly fee of $ 9.99 allows you to share 25GB of storage for 3 users. You can also upgrade to a Pro account for $ 29.99 per month price increase membership and general use the 5 same storage capacity is 100GB.

Soonr is considered the the perfect solution for businesses. However, if you share the file for yourself, other free apps can satisfy.

3: SugarSync

SugarSync is a cloud apps platform that allows users to backup, sync and share files on a computer running Windows and Mac operating systems and many other devices (iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile , Android, and Symbian). SugarSync seems a little loss in the mobile world, it still allows users to upload and synchronize files via email and sync the folder to the mobile device, a wonderful thing if you have to do more work while away go on bussiness. Cloud applications offer free accounts with storage capacity for up to 5 GB. Users can also choose to upgrade to 30 GB with a monthly fee of $ 4.99 for up to 250GB with fee of 24.99.


4: SendSpace

SendSpace is a sharing files tool has appeared since 2005, include a desktop tool – for Windows, Mac and Linux – and mobile applications for iPhone and Android phones. SendSpace famous for users to share large amounts of files with people very safe. The function of this cloud apps like “derivatives” for the file rather than a cloud storage place for information you want to share with others. This capability also supports users to send large files very smoothly. Users can use to send books SendSpace Million of GB for your colleagues or friends in other countries and this service is very easy to use for everyone.