5 features that LG G5 prevailed before the iPhone 6S

The machine does not carry on the advantages of the previous version is LG G4 but also be equipped with more useful features, gives users experience more enjoyable. Not only that, LG G5 watch out, there are more advantages compared to the other competitors in the high-end smartphone market. Recently, the site PhoneArena has shown 5 advantages of LG G5 when compared to the iPhone 6S.

Removable battery, easy to replace

Comparing the first and gave the victory that the iPhone 6S LG G5 than this site is just off the main battery is fitted to the company’s flagship LG detachable. Whereby the user can easily replace when necessary.

LG G5 battery is removable. The screen size and display resolution greater
One of the other comparisons are also quite interested users that is the screen. And the G5, LG has equipped the screen size of up to 5.3 inches, the display pixel resolution 1.440×2.560 with a pixel density of 554 ppi to.

Besides, this screen also LG devices with display area of ​​up to 70% compared with the overall size of the machine. That also means that users will be more comfortable when using the flagship to watch the news or entertainment with games and 3D video with better image quality when compared to the iPhone 6S only equipped monitors Figure 4.7-inch pixel resolution 750×1.334 same 326 ppi pixel density.


Comparing the screen

In addition, a unique feature and unique dark concerning the display on the LG G5 can not fail to mention the secondary display is always in the mode of operation is built right on the main display. This unique design has been applied first LG smartphone LG V10 on and has received a lot of good reviews from the world of technology.
This second sub-screen is always in active mode displays basic information from the time and date to a message or missed call. It helps users will always catch the latest announcements without interacting much with the phone.

Easy storage upgrade

Compared to the iPhone 6s are providing memory storage options (16GB, 32GB and 64GB), LG G5 also proved superior when not only equipped with 32GB of integrated storage, but also allow users to can increase the amount of memory via microSD card expandable memory with a maximum capacity support up to 2TB.

LG G5 supports microSD expansion memory cards with a maximum capacity of up to 2TB.
This is another issue that interested users when applications for smartphones and most especially 3D games are more and larger capacity.
Besides, these videos with a resolution of 4K is also a tendency to become very prevalent in 2016, it allows the user to easily increase storage capacity make this flagship units to gain traction more attention on the high-end smartphone market.

These unique accessories

Like many other manufacturers, along with the launch of the new flagship is the exclusive accessories to help users have a great experience with a smartphone you have chosen to buy. And with LG G5, 5 sets of accessories that users can look at to equip as needed. From CAM Plus helps users extend capabilities as well as film shooting for LG G5, 1,200 mAh battery backup increasing use of air-time, IP camera integration Rolling Bot allows users to easily create a system convenient remote observer to DAC audio manufacturer Bang & Oflusen famous speaker delivers amazing sound quality or virtual reality VR lens brings entirely new experiences in 3D gaming world.


unique kit G5.

Security fingerprinting ergonomic design more
Fingerprint security feature enhances the ability to protect the personal data of the users on the smartphone was no longer a new thing. Therefore, the design of this feature so that users easily use the most is what they care about.

Home button with fingerprint sensor features behind the machine and placed directly under the main camera.
And LG has brought home button with fingerprint sensor features behind the machine and placed directly under the main camera. The location is very convenient for users. And also so that manufacturers have an additional space to expand the display area of the screen.