5SE Cheap iPhone is an Apple’s mistakes or will enrich the billions?

Apple almost certainly will introduce a series of new products at the event held in March next, including 5SE iPhone with 4-inch screen, so this is a smart move by the company? As analytical results are posted on craigslist iphonehacks citation from Apple Insider, the Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said that Apple introduced the new iPhone 4-inch screen is a real thing “stupid”.


Munster believes that the announcement of additional iPhone lines separately will reduce the appeal of the remaining product lines. With rumors that the iPhone will own 5SE older technologies such as chip backward shortened configuration is even weaker than the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus was launched last year will lose “value” of the new iPhone .

So Munster said that Apple should not introduce iPhone 5SE on upcoming events, which should focus on the new Apple Watch, a very potential market, he also believes that Apple Watch will have a “S” appears , the way that Apple is doing with iPhone product line, while the new Apple Watch will not change in appearance but focused upgrade specifications as well as battery life.


Air iPad 3 will have a new design?

Analysts also said the Air iPad 3 is expected to launch at the same time, this will be an iPad not only has the strong upgrade hardware as well as providing intelligent connectivity entirely new also changed the exterior design.

With a multi-national corporations such as Apple caliber then surely every step of the company are closely attempts, but who knows 5SE iPhone will be another step in the company’s mistakes as happened with the iPhone 5C . How about you, do you think that Munster’s analysis is correct?

Series of rumors that Apple will launch the iPhone 5SE on March 15 and sold out a few days later. So iPhone “cheap” will bring many benefits to the apple?

PhoneArena page just quoted analyst Steve Milunovich UBS is to answer the questions above us. Analysts had ever made predictions for Apple even before the company became a leading manufacturer of smartphones.

5SE Milunovich that iPhone will sell 30 million units in the first 12 months on the market, with about two-thirds of iPhone 5 and 5c he estimated to be sold in the previous fiscal year 2015.


iPhone 5SE

For $ 500, he hopes to bring iPhone 5SE 7.8 billion in revenue for Apple and the apple will receive 1.95 billion profit after deducting the cost of production. If the additional tax rate of 25%, Apple will retain $ 1.5 billion and this helps each share of the company rose 26 cents.

However, this is only an estimate from an analyst on Wall Street, and he does not count the other benefits that Apple can get for your iPhone is rumored 5SE will support mobile payment services, included several accessories and applications.

For Apple, released a new iPhone 4-inch, cheaper is a good way to get people who are not familiar with 4.7 inch screen of the iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s. IPhone 5SE course will also have the opportunity to Vietnam and hoped that it would be a compelling price.