8 Mistakes technological advice

Phone charging overnight is very harmful, not by charging iPhone iPad charger … that’s just two of the people recommend that you hear time and time and time again on the news, as well as from friends, though accuracy to where their bodies need to reconsider.

Business Insider recently listed Page 8 common misunderstanding, the most notable of technology users at this moment, from the Mac computer can not be infected until the camera is photographing as many dots as beautiful.

1. Mac computers can not be infected

Yes, Apple computers could not immune to malware, viruses, Trojans, like PC so. Apple ad ever eloquent that their products are not vulnerable to viruses as PCs, but in fact had to quickly change the marketing campaign after a Trojan was discovered infecting thousands of Macs in 2012 .

2. Private Browsing Mode / Incognito can help you anonymously

Many people mistakenly believe that the private browsing mode means anonymous. If you are using Google Chrome or Ingognito Mode in Private Browsing in Safari, the browser simply will not save web surfing history, not to copy the mark or automatic website login to access account your only. Your identity will not be concealed at all.

3. To phone charger will damage the battery all night


Many people have the habit plugged in all night, after the battery is full 100%. Some cell sites warned that this will harm the battery life, but in fact, so far there is no any evidence of this claim at all. The advent of modern smartphones are using lithium-ion batteries, a technology is smart enough to disconnect the charger when the battery is full.

4. Camera as many dots the more beautiful photography


A 12MP camera is different from an 8MP camera? Turned out to be not as much as you think. The quality of a picture is determined by the level of light that the image sensor (sensor) gained. Often the big sensor or comes with large pixels and pixels greater the light absorption as much. Therefore, the size of the pixels are meaningful rather than the “dots” that the telephone company has taken for example the user.

5. Do not charge the phone unless the battery has only a few%

This experience was a false whisper more broadly about lithium-ion batteries. You plug the phone charger when the battery is still not hurt all that are even better for the battery. Each battery charger always have a certain number of times before the wane. Hit rechargeable batteries are fully charged to 100%, so the real reason causing rapid battery life slipped away in the old machine is as it was approaching the limit plays not because your charger plugged phone when the battery is still 50%.

6. With a smartphone, the screen resolution as high as genuine

Many have asserted that, to a certain threshold, the display resolution no longer makes sense on a smartphone as well. Visual experts also stressed that the human eye can not perceive the difference achieved when the screen pixel density of 300 ppi on. Earlier this year, LG unveiled its first smartphone QHD (G3) with resolutions up to 2560 by 1440p. This is a much higher resolution than the other current top smartphones, which stop at 1920 x 1080p screen. But nobody really well QHD differently than Full HD or not. That is why Apple only focused on the brightness of the screen rather than racing to increase the resolution for the iPhone.

7. Use the iPad charger for the iPhone is not good

Apple’s website says that the main thing 12 watts of iPad charger can charge both the iPhone and iPad are. However, Steve Sandler, founder and chief technology officer of the company AEI Systems claims that if you use a 12 watt charger to charge your iPhone regularly, in the long run will harm the battery. Of course, it would take a year for you to recognize the change in battery performance, so if you sometimes “spend temporary” charge the iPad, it is not a problem.

8. Do not turn off the computer every day

Although many people believe that computer off every night is not good, the truth is completely opposite: Your computer should be turned off frequently. You can easily get into the habit to a laptop in sleep mode for more convenient when it turned back, but as Lifehacker points out, the shutdown when not in use will help conserve power the computer components are also suffered less pressure, as a result, longevity and durability of them will be higher.