Amazon and IBM leading in the field of cloud computing

According to a report published recently, Amazon and IBM was evaluated they were “champion” in the cloud computing technology. Other companies include …

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According to a report published recently, Amazon and IBM was evaluated they were “champion” in the cloud computing technology. Other vendors include Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Red Hat, and VMware on the list of “serious competitor” in this emerging technology.

The latest quarterly report of the Organizing Committee Logic, a consulting company specializing in Information Technology, have tried to rank these companies involved in the field of cloud computing by ratings and evaluated their rankings in 7 groups: background for cloud infrastructure services, network services, service platforms, applications, security and cloud Managing.

Amazon and IBM is said to be these “champion” because they always stand in the top 5 of 4 in the 7 groups. Microsoft, Google, Red Hat, Salesforce, Symantec, VMware, Citrix, EMC, Oracle, Level 3 and Cisco are categorized as “these serious competitor,” a lower rating than the Amazon and IBM because they only rank high in several groups mentioned above. Rank no.3 (also last), including AT & T, Aylus Networks, Rackspace, and SAP’s Business Objects.

Both Microsoft and Google have not won the No. 1 ranking in any group, however, Google ranked No. 2 after Saleforce in the “Application” Microsoft still No. 2 behind VMWare in the “Background for the cloud” . Cloud platform here would like to mention these software and tools to help build cloud infrastructure.

The organizers Logic says that through this report they want to help customers classify the service provider cloud. Because cloud computing market currently makes customers very disturbed when selected. The supplier are promoting their solutions they have and constantly promote the development and offering of products and services in the cloud.

According to Logic organizers, Amazon is ranked first among providers of infrastructure services cloud services Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and also head of the service supplier platform (provided the operating system, these application platform to develop and run applications on it).

Amazon ranked No. 2 in the network services group. It is most surprising is only ranks 3rd , in this group. Topped by Level 3 Computing Group’s Services. Amazon also won 3rd place in the group Managing services cloud with Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) that the company offers.

Compared with Amazon, IBM also equally impressive results. The company ranked first in the Administrators group cloud with IBM WebSphere Cloudburst software. Besides, the company only ranks 3rd in the security group, after EMC / RSA and Symantec, and No. 2 in the two groups of service platforms, and cloud infrastructure services.

VMware also be appreciated with the No. 1 ranking in the first group (the foundation for the cloud base) with vSphere and vCloud two technologies. Besides Red Hat also makes a surprise, while only they and Microsoft is second only company providing a full range of essential tools including operating systems and middleware for building cloud.