Apple to replace the battery free for iPhone, iPad

Apple Care warranty service free battery replacement when worn by 20% or more over the original battery capacity.

Apple recently added a new feature that AppleCare + – warranty service for users to buy iPhone, MacBook and iPad. Accordingly, while the mobile device is under warranty, but the battery is worn, only 80% (or lower) than the initial capacity, the company will replace the battery free of charge. Previously, Apple only free battery replacement when the device’s battery is only 50% or less of the battery capacity at sell.

The change brings many benefits to users, especially those who use the device with greater frequency. Battery technology over the years has “stalled”. The battery on the iPhone, MacBook also no significant improvement within a few decades. As other technologies such as microprocessors, GPUs dramatically fluctuate, then the battery may lag that will work no longer as stable as it used to be. Aple’s new policy to help users quickly get a new battery bars at no extra costs.


One other reason why Apple’s new policy is an important change that the battery inside the products of “Apples with” not easy to open up alternatives to ordinary users. In many cases, if a user tries to replace the battery and done wrong, they can lose the warranty and cause equipment failure.

AppleCare + warranty program will replace the battery for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The new policy applies to the purchase of new products as well as the equipment is still under warranty, Apple said. To test the battery, the user should contact the customer care service of Apple. In addition, the application checks the battery bottle is also one of the ways you can reference.

End of the warranty period, the replacement of the batteries will be charged 79 USD for the iPhone, and $ 199 for the Macbook.