Assessment Canon Pixma iP7270 photo printer

iP7270 is one of the new product line of single-function photo printer Pixma Canon A4 has been recently introduced. It supports photo printing with a maximum resolution of up to 9.600×1.200dpi, functioning automatic duplexing capabilities, and especially direct printing CD labels.

In addition, the device also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity allows users to use for convenient printing from laptops, smartphones and tablets via the wireless network.This sample uses inkjet ink system Ink Hybrid Hybrid includes 5 separate cartridges, including a black cartridge Pigment Ink technology to serve the bold print on plain paper and the other 4-color ink cartridge Dye Ink technology traditional black, blue, red and yellow for photo printing vivid detail.


Canon Pixma iP7270 print

In appearance, Canon Pixma iP7270 has designed like most single-function printer models other than the traditional black cardboard casing, dimensions 451x368x128mm and weighs 6,6kg. Two input paper tray cassette to pull the iP7270 are arranged neatly at the bottom front of the machine; in which the tray below for the type of paper such as A4 or Letter large format and have a maximum capacity up to 125 sheets, while the upper tray is capable of handling all kinds of small format photo paper 4×6 inches (10x15cm), 5×7 inch (13x18cm) or envelopes.
In the course of testing, Test Lab found that the machine can load two different paper sizes at the same time on two trays. The machine will automatically distinguish the right kind of paper to be loaded in each print job. This is quite convenient design helps users do not need to replace the continuous paper if you wish to print multiple photos of different size.

Welcomed the paper tray of the machine in front of the flip format is designed to automatically turn off when the button is pressed next, integrated racks can extend out to catch the A4 paper. Despite the compact design, but part of this expansion rack no borders to hold up the stack consists of multiple printed sheets sometimes become tangled in the Test Lab testing.

As originally introduced, Canon Pixma iP7270 features cover printing directly onto CD or DVD must be equipped with a machine dedicated to load the disc tray on. This was originally mounted trays stick to the bottom of the tray small prints. When you need to use, users only need to gently pull the tray out, and then insert the disc into the slot dedicated just above the paper tray pick.


Generally, installing disk tray nothing complicated but still somewhat Test Lab confused when first used as feeder to find and see the instructions in the documentation before implementation.
Then, through My Image Garden software provided by Canon (can be downloaded for free from its website), Test Lab can easily select a pre-designed label templates in the library of programs and quickly print directly onto CD / DVD compatible.

To cater to the more convenient photo printing, Canon also offers Easy-PhotoPrint EX software with a rich variety of options. This software also features cover art in My Image Garden is like. In addition, users can also create photo albums, calendars, stickers sticker from here.

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint software with optional EX photo printing convenience.
Regarding connectivity, in addition to the traditional USB port for attaching directly behind the computer, iP7270 also integrated Wi-Fi support for wireless printing from mobile devices. Because no machine control display fitted to the WPS button (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) in front to quickly connect to a Wi-Fi, but on the condition that your router must also support WPS feature. As commented by Test Lab, this feature will help users not master the technique can still do the printer connected to the system internal Wi-Fi network without having to perform the configuration steps Published enter cumbersome.

Besides, the Pixma iP7270 printer also supports AirPrint technology connectivity enables printing from mobile devices such as Apple’s iOS, iPhone, iPad easily without having to install any software. However, a design defect in the iP7270 printer is not equipped with a card reader or USB port to connect a PictBridge camera or storage device to print photos directly implemented as the majority of printer models More photos available on the market.

Canon Pixma iP7270 supports three levels of print quality from low to high is the Fast, Standard and High. Due specializes in series of photos should focus only Test Lab experiment with photo printing functions dedicated paper by Canon Matte Photo Paper samples provided on this printer.

To set the highest level of print quality, iP7270 prints excellent quality and can be comparable to products from professional photo print shop. However, to get quality like that of course the machine must sacrifice most of their time to care little done. With a 10x15cm borderless photo print, machine it takes about 2 minutes 5 seconds to complete. Meanwhile, an A4 image took more than twice as long to print, about 4 minutes 38 seconds. Test print CD covers simple form takes only about 1 minute 21 seconds to complete.

Overall, a good photo print quality, paper handling capabilities and functional flexibility in the cover directly, Canon Pixma iP7270 printer models are suitable option for users wishing to print quality photos or color documents high salary.