Bphone was reduced the price, that’s the solution to launch Bphone 2

The first advanced smartphone “Made in Vietnam”, Bphone will be reduced the price to 7.9 million while the information about Bphone new generation, equipped with Snapdragon processor 820 most powerful, the model will be more beautiful, is coming soon. This will be one of the first smartphones launched has Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip.


     Bphone first launched in March 5/2015. Information leaked upcoming Bphone 2 will be powered by Snapdragon 820, more beautiful design.

7/1, media representative of Bkav Technology Group said They started implementing the program give 3 million to customers who buys first-generation Bphone to debut Bphone 2. The representative refused to disclose more information about the new generation Bphone, he only added that this device will be launching in the coming months.

According to internal sources, They has prepared for Bphone Bkav 2 from the moment Bphone launched in May last year. Bphone 2 will be equipped with processor Qualcomm Snapdragon latest 820 – processor is expected to be on the 2016 flagship smartphone of mobile manufacturers leading in the world. The source added that “Bphone 2 will be one of the first smartphone launched using Snapdragon 820 chip.” He also said, “Bphone 1 was beautiful, BPhone 2 will be  more beautiful alot.”

     Bphone first launched in March 5/2015 and was rated as the most prominent technology events of Vietnam in the year. Rated as beautifully designed – with a flat design philosophy – but also suffered numerous Bphone block ax opinion, the majority do not believe Vietnam likely produce high-end smartphone. With a starting price of 10.9 million (including VAT) is lower than the high-end smartphone market but this product is still deemed expensive.


Previously, the BKAV Group held some program gifts, discount Bphone. However, the discount 3 million this time can be seen as a move paving the way for the launch Bphone 2. As a rule the smartphone market, when preparing to launch new model smartphone market, vendors Export as Apple, Samsung … usually conducted discount the current form for about a few months ago.

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