Car charging technology is put into standby charging, it takes only 14 minutes to complete

Abdullah Soomro young entrepreneurs Pakistanis noticed a very real problem when starting a business development project (startup) his first, a delivery business in the hinterland. Delivery staff of the company for almost the entire time working on the streets and in regular contact with customers through their smartphones. Nature of the work makes the smartphone can hardly withstand a working day, but if carrying the charger, it will make the move is not convenient.

Abdullah came up with the idea of ​​a backup battery (POWERBANK) better, more efficient types are sold on the market to solve the problem. After talking with a number of professors at his university, Abdullah began product development under the project name is Micropowerlabs. This project has entered the program to support the Government of Chile with $ 35,000 grants.


Products that Abdullah made after the project development process is a rechargeable backup Micropowerlabs Flashpack. It caused “shock” in this charger is that you can “refill fuel” in just 14 minutes. He says he was inspired by the charging technology for electric cars, this technology enables faster charging than conventional batteries 10 times.
“I use technology a larger scale, applying the same principles and shrink it down” – Abdull ah share.

Flashpack currently in the process of asking for money on Indiegogo with packages “Super Early Bird Edition” with $ 50 and shipping costs. This charger uses Nano Phosphate Lithium Battery 2500 mAh capacity.

Just like many other backup charger, you can fully charge the cable wire through microUSB Flashpack, full charging time for this procedure is 2 hours. However spotlight lies in how fast battery charger, rechargeable Flashpack own use round wire, wire charger may suit some laptops available on the market, while a full charge takes just 14 minutes. Besides charging the first round, you can send a request for the first designer Micropowerlabs fast charging by the charging units are used Macbook.


Abdullah insisted that: “It (referring Xiaomi) can provide redundancy for your charger with a capacity doubled, tripled, but you still have to charge them for several hours. And that is the basic problem the backup charger. With Flashpack, users do not even need to plug their phone into the charger supplied more machines. ”

“The idea of ​​producing Flashpack is to simplify your life. If you are traveling, or constantly moving, we do not want you to carry too many chargers, just one for all devices different that you have, “he added.

Products will be manufactured Flashpack in Shenzhen, China, and the first series of products will be delivered in June 2016. As planned, Abdullah will produce double the capacity charger (5000 mAH) and prices about 70 USD.