Criminals rob banks “evolution” of hackers

According to Reuters, in recent years, traditional crime and cybercrime have jointly embarked rob banks and financial services firms hundreds of millions of dollars. The damage may be more because many cases are not reported because victims feared damaged reputation.

Experts cybersecurity and cybercrime, said hackers infiltrate computer systems of financial institutions to implement, or make others carry out money transfers to their accounts. After that organized crime uses techniques developed over decades to launder money. Security consultant Shane Shook Independent said: “The Internet has helped criminals easily inside the bank. Criminals are turning to attack more because banks take less effort than yet more money robbery “.


Last year, researchers at security software firm Kaspersky Lab said Russia Carbanak expanding group activities, intrusion banks, the money order fraud, and force the release of cash ATMs. Kaspersky estimates attacked Carbanak to 100 banks, from 2.5 to 10 million average robbery / service. One other cases, Russian security firm Group IB says Russian banks lost more than $ 25 million within 6 months into the hands of a hacker group sending phishing emails contain malicious software (malware) infecting computers . The malicious code for hackers to access the internal network of the bank to perform payment orders appeared to have been authenticated via the SWIFT banking network, the same as was used in the robbery Central Bank of Bangladesh. Dmitry Volkov, head of the intelligence network of the Group IB, said: “Malicious hackers remote access help to make fraudulent transactions ordered via SWIFT or other payment systems.”

According to Bryce Boland, director of security at the Asia – Pacific of computer security firm FireEye, about 20% of bank customers by FireEye were attacked in the second half of 2015, while FireEye discovered many financial services firms do not realize they have been compromised, in which case the computer is malicious code during 5 years. Boland said, not all hackers are aiming to rob money, hackers targeted institutions and individuals to obtain specific financial data value, such as inside information about mergers and acquisitions, or data fake credit card data. FireEye has established detailed records 6 group behind the attacks of financial services firms, and there was incomplete data from more than 600 different groups.

Experts warn about scam to rob new style network is increasing because the banking industry is not adequately protect themselves. A bank security director of anonymity senior told Reuters that he had handled three bank robberies over the network, the largest service around 20 million dollars, but customers did not report anything to the authorities .