Discover interesting hidden features on iOS 8

Every time Apple introduced a new version of the iOS operating system, which often includes some interesting hidden features but not formally introduced. iOS 8 is no exception, let’s go over some of the most prominent features hidden by this latest version of iOS.

1. The application notes to support text and video formats, including animation (GIF)

IOS application notes 8 now supports multiple video formats and rich text than ever before, this is a useful feature for those who want to make a note more innovative style. Especially so users can create notes with animated GIFs, by simply copying and pasting a photograph into animated GIF format text notes.

2. Scan your credit card number

If you can not remember the number of credit cards when shopping online, or fears of security problems when entering your credit card number. iOS 8 lets you take a photo of your credit card, and then it will automatically recognize the card number range, so that when you need when shopping online payment option just enter the code through that data.

3. Hey Siri feature

Apple ever mentioned about this feature in a press conference, but then it was not mentioned again. Giời users can activate Siri without touching the phone. By going to Settings> General> Siri and enable Hey Siri, you can trigger simply by statements siri “Hey Siri”. This is a very useful feature for


4. Hide Images

If you do not want others to see some of his personal photographs, with iOS 8 you can hide the picture away. Touch and hold on a photo, immediately will have the option Hide Photo. That picture can still be seen in your albums, but it will not appear in the directory Moments, Collections or Years.

5. Interact with notice in Notification Center

With iOS 8, you can use to manipulate swip (surfing fingers) towards left for each new notification in Notification Center to choose from a number of operations such as snooze, reply or Dismiss.

6. Black & White mode

If you do not like colorful interface, iOS 8 brings a new interface options for grayscale, black and white display. To activate, simply go to Settings> Accessibility and choose Grayscale.

7. Create a blank Homescreen

You want to have a blank screen to help glitzy Homescreen, iOS 8 provides an option to help you eliminate all the application icon from the home screen. Just tap and hold on the app icon until the icons start to “flutter”, you can pull it out of the first home screen. You can choose to move all the icons, or remove some applications used to support or not glitzy.


8. Optional notifications for incoming email

Now, you have the option to send email notifications on iOS8. Just manipulate swip left to an email and select More, then select “Notify Me …”. You’ll receive notifications from Notification Center whenever reply emails in that thread.

9. Statistics of battery

Do you ever wonder what features or applications actually consumes the most battery in your device or not? If so, now with iOS 8, you can view statistics in detail the battery, as well as the features and applications are consuming the most energy. By going to Settings> General> Usage> Battery Usage.