Evaluate gionee smartphone battery M5 mini crisis

Before getting into the specific evaluation, Test Lab through the detailed points noticeable change in the configuration of the M5 Gionee Lite. As noted in the Test Lab, Gionee M5 Lite 5-inch screen equipped with HD resolution, processor MediaTek MT6580 4 cores clocked 1.3GHz, Mali-400 MP graphics integration, 2GB RAM, 8MP main camera attached LED flash, 5MP selfie camera, battery 4.000mAh, 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and runs Android 5.1 OTG interface featured 3.1 Amigo.

Gionee mini M5.
From the actual exposure, Test Lab found Gionee mini M5 looks rugged design though manufacturers largely use plastic materials. M5 mini Gionee generally quite seamless and looks like a smartphone with monolithic design – but the fact that machines detachable back cover and the battery quite easily.

Considering the scale of the design looks and usability, Gionee well deserved mini M5 exceeded 7.5 / 10, where 10 is the highest score for a design icon perfect. The reason M5 mini Gionee not stop at this point because the machine still exist some disadvantages like lack of backlight LED light support for touch-key sequence below the screen, the camera layout is not very convenient and design speaker still hinders the transmission of sound.

Touch key sequence is not equipped with LED backlight should also cause slight discomfort when using the machine in low light environments.
Throughout the course of use as well as summarizes the results of the evaluation of display quality, Gionee M5 showed quality mini 5-inch screen of the machine stop at the average. Gionee M5 mini screen in the visibility test monochromatic showed the limitations of saturation. The main drawback of this plus the contrast limitations caused Gionee mini M5 lose the ability to reproduce colors looking like some products ever tested.

Fortunately, the details of Gionee pictures mini M5 still enough points to pass the evaluation round in Test Lab. Touch control sensitivity but not so good as expected but could help users master the situation in the 2D game speed. Perhaps due to the focus on optimization for battery life, should have to sacrifice quality Gionee display mini M5.

Prs Index (highlighted in red) shows sensitivity touch controls on the screen 5-inch mini M5 Gionee nothing remarkable.
Do M5 mini is a product that is classified in the smartphone segment Gionee capacity battery Test Lab crisis should also be a priority this time talking about the device’s battery before discussing the performance of the machine. Like when evaluating battery life of the smartphone, PCMark for Android as well as a tool for providing performance point of Gionee pin mini M5.

Evaluation results PCMark performance batteries for Android really pleased that Test Lab. Although only equipped 4.000mAh battery – 5,000 mAh lower than on the Marathon M3 ever introduced and both names appear as Asus ZenFone recently P1 Max or Lenovo VIBE – but still Gionee mini M5 milestone achievements 10 hours. Test Lab rated battery life of Gionee M5 mini based on the results of this test as compared with brothers Marathon M3, M5 mini Gionee upgraded some hardware details such as CPU substantial new generation production 2015, double the RAM capacity.


Actual use mini M5 Gionee also show extra strength “running downhill” because after 2 days 2 nights (enabled most except 3G connectivity, audio-call-message with moderate frequency, continuous application updates and background screen brightness set maximum), integrated battery remains near 50%.

MediaTek MT6582 SoC samples compared with each sample being Gionee Marathon M3 equipped, MediaTek MT6580 processor on a mini M5 basic Gionee not get many notable improvements in speed but quite intrigued by the ability to save electric used.

However, most of the performance evaluation results show that the M5 mini Gionee no less competitive than the Asus ZenFone Go MediaTek SoC which is also used in the 2015 production as well as the latest smartphone models using Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 410. Specifically, the test performance single-core processor using Geekbench results show that mini M5 Gionee achieved nor too large gap compared with the same price range as Coolpad Sky mini E560 is also a great capital user interface 410 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

The process of realization of the data showed Gionee mini M5 can also bring the experience smoother not inferior form or Asus ZenFone 2 smartphone battery Laser Max ZenFone crisis ever tested. Throughout the process used, Test Lab hardly troubled when closed, opened intensive applications, switch between applications using the background. Gionee M5 mini can also run several big titles to establish the most basic graphics. But note that Gionee mini M5 will remain difficult to avoid judder situation in the climax scenes, dramatic games when playing the heavy.


Applications built on the M5 camera mini allows users to change the metering position, but does not offer many options photographed.
As mentioned, Gionee for balance between battery performance and overall performance of the M5 mini should have to sacrifice quality or less display. Particularly with additional features is the camera, which seems to just “attach” the basic ingredients, so it is natural image quality, imaging features of Gionee mini M5 can not match, or Lenovo Asus ZenFone Max VIBE P1.

Gionee’s ability to capture HDR mini M5 drips are less restrictive (details in the photo highlights burnt quite badly).
Fortunately, if environmental incentives, plus a little tweaking of the metering on each snapshot, Lab Test results still quite pleasant about the details, and contrast. Say so also means Gionee M5 mini will not be a good choice for low-light imaging needs – because even if slightly underexposed environments, images have appeared Artifacts significant density. Fortunately, users can still preview the effects before applying color on his every scene.