Evaluate laptop Dell Vostro 3560

Dell Vostro 3560 computer screen with a resolution of 1080 pixels relatively good configuration. However, design is not really impressive machine, the keypad is flex (when you pressed one key, the key will subside around) and disappointing battery life. However, this is still a worthy product to you run out to buy. * Advantages Four USB 3.0 ports. Ivy Bridge processors powerful. Screen 1080 pixels high resolution. * Cons Design is not too impressive. Keyboard flex is (when you pressed one key, the key will subside around).


It seems as if the rough design of this product, Dell has removed a lot of details to 3560 pretty much a brick with a square design aluminum frame, but it’s still a few bright spots in the design of the product before pulling back the.


Square design aluminum frame

The machine is quite compact for a 15.6-inch computer. The rounded edges increase the aesthetics, use contrasting colors to help users present on feel. However no unique signature element here, even though they had put the status light on the front edge but practical section because it puts them in easy view.
Design more impressive inside with a silver frame quite a contrast with dark keyboard. May see this as a difference in the design of this product.
The Vostro 3560 is designed though, with reasonable tomography 25.9cm width, thickness 3:25 cm, but very inconvenient to take with you as it weighs 2.57kg. Dell should be able to make the device thinner by reducing the thickness or clipped on the bottom or thinning benzel border. And with the 2.57kg weight, the Vostro 3560 looks like a fixed office equipment rather than a convenient mobile products.


The Vostro 3560 with three colors: Silver, Red and Copper

With a weight of 2.5 kg, it really looks like a fixed office equipment rather than a convenient mobile products.15.6inch LED screen Full HD 1366 x 768 pixels for the ability to display images with high resolution and high contrast, clear and easy to look in many different environmental conditions, it also allows you to see more more text rows in one document and also the competition more data on the screen. This helps you to work comfortably with two windows open side by side immediately. Technology LED-backlit screen energy saving brings a wide viewing angle, allowing a clear view even when outdoors.
Dell Vostro 3560 Keyboard standard size key layout with a reasonable distance, high bounce, your positive feedback for fast typing speed and accuracy.
Located in the upper right of the keyboard area is concave three small buttons. A button will open the Dell Support Center, which provides access to information systems and tools. Other buttons will open windows mobile center last button can also perform a few tasks are as microphone mute, toggle presentation mode (present), or off screen.
It is great that this device is also designed for efficient spill resistant. You do not have to worry about damaged computer if accidentally spilled liquids up.


The product is equipped with a microprocessor third generation (Ivy Bridge) Intel Core i5-3210M, 2.5GHz, 6GB of RAM is supported. The new generation of Intel CPUs have many advantages compared to the previous generation chip, it is next to AMD Radeon discrete graphics processing performance HD7670M for better graphics on games like FIFA, Pes, CF … .. Devices running Windows 7 Professional operating system 64 – bit. Hard drive capacity is 500GB largest.
Besides, the Vostro 3560 also supports Wi-Fi (802.11b / g / n), Bluetooth (4.0) and Gigabit Ethernet
This device also owns HD webcam in the screen edges benzel ago, webcam supported by the Dell software created. You can take pictures and record video resolution from 720 to 1080 pixels, and then share them on Photobucket or YouTube from the main app.
Dell webcam provides you with a variety of effects, including more background on your photos or videos, or you can add the “accessory” to the face like sunglasses, a hat, or use effects facial disfigurement (such as scissors for bigeye up, chin pointed out …) this device can not login by face instead, as login by fingerprint sensor.

The machine is equipped with all the connections necessary for normal usage needs: equipped with 4 USB 3.0 ports to speed read / write data 10 times the speed of regular USB port, RJ45 internet portal, the portal VGA projectors, multi-function card reader 8-in-1 card reader, high-quality slideshows port HDMI.Ngoai the machine also has an optical drive supports reading and burning Super-multi DVD multi-layer high speed. Maybe optional Blu-ray DVD drive combo. Ultra-fast wireless connectivity with WiFi-N and Bluetooth EDR.

Performance and battery life

Dell Vostro give this one a 6-cell battery, after testing by a fully charged laptop DVD and then run continuously until the batteries run out, obtained the battery life of this product is 2 hours 36 minute. This really is a disappointing figure
The sound quality from stereo speakers good for watching DVDs and supporting equipment for small group presentations.


If you can afford to pay, the Dell Vostro 3560 is a laptop screen worth buying high resolution. Although the design is not really special and battery life is not too impressive, but this is still a good product configuration.