Evaluate Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

As one of the leading firms in applying the most advanced technology from Intel Broadwell, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro already offers a wealth of potential risks to become a groping to find a new direction for the line is the laptop running Windows in the future, as well as find a way to defeat the invincible Macbook Air Apple


First to reposition the object to the products in this category at the price of 30 million, that is not demand driven products to better service for a gamer to play smoothly all the game genres images at the highest setting. This product is not only for a place on the table and do things like typing text. That this is the direction to the object are entrepreneurs, the computer needs to ensure handle basic tasks fast, easy mobile compact and less pay attention to the battery.

Benchmark power of Yoga 3 Pro Circuit

To test the strength of the latest Broadwell CPUs from Intel, we have applied the common tests for speed readers can compare the chip processing speed 5Y70 (highest performance in the current line Broadwell at) gives considering generation processor line earlier.



Looking at the results, we can see the close scores compared to a Core i5 chip 3xxxU (Chip Ivy Bridge Ultrabook line for power saving). Or if compared to a conventional product categories on the desktop, the 2/3 Broadwell 5Y70 by the performance of a Pentium Dual Core latest Haswell line.
But what we have noticed in the Core m which is the maximum power consumption of the CPU, if you look at the Ultrabook line of previous generation Core i chips, the TDP though have reached approximately 12W but compared Core m yet to be. Intel Core m was processed on 14 nm wire transfer should lower the power consumption of the CPU to only 4,5W ie nearly 1/3 Core i chips for Ultrabooks.
With a lower consumption by 1/3 which is nearly equivalent performance obviously this is a leap of Intel products made its x86 CPU increasingly threatened by ARM market share that rivals ahead is Qualcomm.



Performance of Intel’s integrated GPU in the next-generation chip has better performance than the integrated GPU on the motherboard ago but when compared with the current speed of computer graphics, it is clear that this 1 chip is not possible to handle 3D images.
So looking at the benchmark results of the CPU and GPU through the most common test is the current apparent power of Core m 5Y70 only roughly equivalent to the Core i5 chip 3xxxU life (for Ultrabook line) As for graphics Intel HD Graphics 5300 is clearly not intended for the Intel integrated GPU his ability to play games terrible but it’s equipped with the skills to handle the film, merely images compatible with the type of super-resolution screen high eg 4K screen of the Yoga 3 Pro. Especially when the movie needs to handle extremely high resolution 2K or 4K as the factors causing bottlenecks lies in hard drive and Yoga 3 Pro has handled this point.


8GB RAM speed also after very high bench, looking at the results can be found on Lenovo Yoga RAM kit 3 Pro speeds comparable to the 1600 Bus kit running at the desktop.


With 256 GB SSD and speed after test results also showed a relatively bright, though not by the high-end SSDs like Plextor but on common ground in terms of the speed of the SSD using the current SSD Yoga 3 Pro will use on a fairly equal between 8/10 point.
Is not nature that Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro equips what if we build home gaming case, it is far Wholesale components like RAM and SSD speed does not bring good experience for gaming and software “heavy Thai Son title” but it is the key ingredient to speed up boot made from only the lower 10 states Poweroff speed seconds and boot from a sleep state only takes 3 seconds. This is the imperative of a computer for business as annoying as having to wait in boot will disrupt the fleeting ideas can bring about the first mountain of money now.
4K screen good but the points deducted
A further component is very good investment that Lenovo is extremely advanced IGZO screen with a thickness of hard to imagine and high resolution to the MacBook Air envy, even the color of IGZO displays also true, no less than color screen on the Mac, where people still set as the color of the screen.


But these unpleasant points of the screen to be a party to such 4K related causes and that is Microsoft.
Sadly, Microsoft does not have mechanisms to support high resolution screen as well as Apple so that the majority of the dedicated software when displayed on the screen will show the true 4K, who like every other type of screen should be the toolbar icons and the words in the software window glass ti baby birds that have magnifying contempt that scrutiny, the new float read.

Fortunately, these problems have been fixed in later updates of the software.
Peripheral connections
The rest of the types of peripheral connections, obviously will have to equip Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro the most advanced technologies in order to meet business first so that the machine will be equipped with Bluetooth connectivity ultra 4:01 Wifi energy and the support to the standard AC but perhaps even self Yoga 3 Pro also supports dualband (2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz band 1) for the playback to Wifi Wifi hotspot from, what the laptop others succumb.

Good keyboard

Yoga 3 Pro keyboards generally responsive typing text needs than other laptop keyboards in general, there is a long journey keyboard and typing force evenly from top to bottom so do not make sense to use the force perhaps somewhat lenovo has found solutions for business keyboard Prerecorded segment producer IBM Thinkpad 1 time and apply it on most of its products.

Also present on the key word being processed separate from the keycap so long time will only make use of the keys on the ball and never fade phenomenon. At the same time integrating the key backlighting is also very effective if required to work in the dark, the light emitted from the keyboard enough to see clearly in the night without causing glare when the pupil was at full stretch as do the evening.

The only offensive points of the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro keyboard which is the surface in the form of capital, but was polished matte paint too quickly by sweat and friction while typing so that it gives the user a feeling of not friendly and clean.
Back to talking about the general design
If right now, put one next to the Yoga 3 Pro MacBook Air 1, up to 7/10 people will pick up even the Macbook Air. Also can not assume that people choose the MacBook Air because it’s pretty much Yoga 3 Pro that just because the Macbook Air has a better brand, but obviously can not be denied that Lenovo has dared to face the first monument rather avoid.

Supporting the use of folding machines type 360 ​​is also yet to fully finance its increasing current time by themselves not support Windows 8.1 also really good with a touch screen, because really they’re just beginning investment for the pen experience on Lenovo Yoga 3 Surface Pro when there is no pen
Battery Life, the ending of any reviews
As you know, today’s technology developed rapidly, but the only battery technology remains the only obstacle to the world that technology can not progress into a new era.
Pin on Lenovo Yoga course is still only 3 Pro Lithium – Polymer is still being used in some smartphones, the parameters of the battery does not have any information printed on the bottom of the machine, but according to the information detected by the 44.8 Wh capacity machine is not a big number by itself its ultra-thin design does not allow.
But in actual experience, the machine can work about 4 hours of continuous web surfing test. This figure is very good and desirable to other laptops but not rival the Macbook Air which Lenovo and manufacturing firms Macbook Killer wants others to consider.
In the end, it is to say, more than 30 million price of the Yoga 3 Pro actually still slightly higher than what we collected them, but sooner or later, this figure is likely to reduce equipment down on the session Lenovo’s next release when Broadwell chips have become common goods.
Also in the past CES 2015, we also saw the emergence of two other products have the same goals as the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro from Samsung and Asus are overthrown unique position of the Macbook Air. This can clearly see a new war will break out again in one market have stabilized since. Let’s wait and see the future technology will change the world as the star of his big hands.