Evaluate midrange smartphone HTC One A9

HTC One A9 is midrange smartphone but the manufacturer in favor of appearance design. Like Senior One M9 smartphone ever introduced, HTC One A9 also metal monolithic design, the camera body is quite slender, modern style 4 corners rounded cardboard cardboard style slashes curved edges computer motherboards the form of the letter “c”.Not only that, a 5-inch screen on the HTC One A9 also have 2.5D curved beveled design has a modern look, has promised to bring more convenience in the interactive process.


HTC One A9.

Before going into the evaluation as usual, Test Lab will review some important details in the machine configuration.

HTC One A9 owns 5 inch AMOLED display Full HD, 617 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with Cortex-A53 8, Adreno 405 graphics integrated, 2GB RAM, 16GB of internal memory, microSD card slot supporting up to 128GB , sensor integrated fingerprint sensor as Home button, 13MP main camera supports RAW image capture, optical image stabilization, and is protected by sapphire glass.

The machine is also equipped with 4MP camera selfie UltraPixel f / 2.0 support Full HD video recording, 24-bit audio DAC senior, separate HEADAMP for headphones, battery charging technology 2.150mAh support superfast 3.0 and install Quick Charge installed Android 6.0

Home button integrated fingerprint sensor.
From practical use, Test Lab appreciate the design of the HTC One A9 not only beautiful appearance, but also by the body is very fit for the needs manipulated with one hand. Throughout the trial the machine, Test Lab hardly encounter any significant obstacles for mid-range smartphone. But think, by pretty slim camera body, plus low-grip design, so users if accidentally sweating hands may be in for some difficulties in keeping the machine in hand.

On the screen, using the specialized assessment tools, Test Lab found that HTC One basic A9 could not avoid overcrowding caused slight color saturation on the panel 5 inch picture looks more vivid than reality. In return, the HTC One A9 again earned good scores in the categories assessed on sharpness, contrast, viewing angle and color consistency displayed.

HTC One A9 also comes equipped with options that allow users the option between the default color mode of the machine to the sRGB color modes. The fact that this display mode for the background color because the state wanted blue reclining significantly improved overall color should look closer to reality.
Options panel sRGB color beautiful 5-inch screen and more harmonious.
Unfortunately in the brightness test, HTC One A9 show inadequate results. This means that the use of the machine under strong light source in reality of course is inevitable discomfort. In addition, features automatic brightness regulator on the HTC One A9 also not very sensitive to changes in the test environment.

As for performance, though the manufacturer equipped midrange processor from Qualcomm, but basically the productivity of the human form Cortex-A53 SoC 8 also prevalent only financial horizontal Snapdragon processor is used 600 Krait architecture previously or processor MediaTek MT6752 8 people. Besides, Adreno 405 graphics performance on Snapdragon 617 also integrates par only with Adreno 320 graphics core PowerVR G6200 and.

To put it more simply, HTC One A9 theoretically will not be appreciated on the overall performance and graphics performance.


Still, throughout the course of realization of the data and Test Lab hardly encounter any obstacles such as judder status when switching screen page, use the latency switch-based applications are also quite reasonable. Particularly with the speed of game downloads heavy graphics, of course HTC One A9 also inevitably make the user wait times first load screen.

On camera, in favorable lighting conditions, the camera on the HTC One A9 for color saturation as good as expected. However, the test environment with mixed light sources, for instance when the subject and the background with high contrast, 13MP camera on the HTC One A9 tend to reduce the brightness of the bright areas of the image to obtain more more detail. This itself makes the subject in the context of shots underexposed backlit. Fortunately, in the case of complex environmental light, the sharpness of photos from the camera remains very attractive, fast autofocus speed and stability. Naturally the focus speed will increase gradually as dimly lit environment, but Test Lab found that despite the slow start-definition capabilities of the HTC One A9 remained fairly stable. Flash dual-tone also quite pleasant to severe low-light environments.

HTC One A9 HDR photography with fast speed.
If not using the flash in low-light environments, color photographs generally quite attractive, although of detail shots significantly reduced because the situation is quite clear Artifacts. Unfortunately, the ability to control the white balance in low-light environments and unstable like when taking a test in a favorable light environment, can cause the same one context but can give two different results.

We can say the camera on the HTC One A9 but still some weaknesses but still enough points to put in passable because with it the remarkable features such as optical image stabilization, RAW shooting, shooting 2 second exposure should users also have the opportunity to compose.

With the battery, do not appreciate Lab Test battery life test results because only inadequate. Actually used to see HTC One A9 also can afford to hold out for an entire day and night operation with moderate frequency of use.

Test battery life on the HTC One A9 only inadequate but because the battery comes machines which also limited in capacity.
Overall, the HTC One A9 carry the many glorious in it’s most notable physical beauty, Android 6.0 OS latest camera features to capture the image quality quite. If only love beauty, harmony in the design of a smartphone, the HTC One A9 can see is a preferred option. However, if the weight measurement based on both price and performance, the HTC One A9 has proved quite expensive compared to other products of the same segment.