Evaluation gaming motherboards Asus Z170I Pro Gaming

With design motherboard mini-ITX format, Asus Z170I Pro Gaming simplified of course have a certain amount of communication ports and expansion slots. Specifically, Asus Z170I Pro Gaming only equipped with a PCIe x16 slot for discrete graphics card, while the hard drive interface is also equipped with a minimum 4-port SATA 3 6Gb / s and 1 SATA Express.

However, notably the Asus motherboard form Z170I Pro Gaming still fully supports 2 slots DDR4 RAM overclocking support and communication M.2 SSD for high speed at the back, which is the technology Intel’s new chipset platform Z170 still commonly found on high-end motherboards new generation appeared recently.

Stable performance


Except to minimize the expansion slots as well as slots DDR4 RAM, Asus Z170I Pro Gaming seemed full ownership of the key advantages motherboard built on chipset Intel Z170 platform. Asus Pro Gaming Z170I compatible with Intel Core i7-6700K processor. That was demonstrated when the PC system is built on “the foundation” Pro Gaming Asus Z170I smooth operation of Windows 10 Home well as graphics applications and 3D games with the most common integrated graphics chip, 8GB DDR4 RAM and 240GB SSD storage.

Operating performance of the system can also be clearly reflected in the performance evaluation application. As with CineBench R15 applications, handling scores of Intel Core i7-6700K achieved 923 test points in multi-core processors as well as Intel HD integrated graphics achieved 530 Graphics processor speed OpenGL frame 53.36 / sec.

M.2 communication bandwidth 32Gb / s for SSD quite cleverly arranged on the back of the motherboard. Marginally better results rather than test systems with similar hardware but using MSI motherboards that Test Lab H170 Gaming M3 ever tested. More specifically, the test systems used H170 motherboards MSI Gaming M3 scored 757 points in test performance multi-core processors and achieved 52.22 frames / sec in test Open GL graphics performance.

The chart compares the performance Asus motherboards with samples Z170I Pro Gaming Motherboard Intel processor platform Skylake each test (click to enlarge).
PC systems built on “the foundation” Pro Gaming Asus Z170I in PCMark performance measurement 8 3.0 Conventional Home also gained 3614 points, is somewhat inferior to the motherboard MSI Gaming M3 H170 (3898 points). Despite the overall performance scores slightly less, but the graphics performance of the integrated graphics chip Intel HD Graphics 530 is marginally better again reaching 45.66 frames / second, while the MSI motherboard just stop at 42.2 frames / sec.

Support good overclocking

Not only offers relatively stable performance, Asus motherboard Z170I Pro Gaming is also a good choice for overclocking needs. Actual test shows Test Lab can easily increase the CPU clock rate up by 0.7% and adjusted DDR4 memory clocked at 2.400MHz operation without any problems.

That helped the overall performance of the entire computer system is significantly improved. Specifically, performance evaluation scores of the entire test system used Asus motherboards Z170I Pro Gaming measured by Geekbench app after overclocking respectively 4679 points in single-core processor (up 9% compared to when not overclocked) and 18,304 points (+ 8%) in multi-core processors.

These emerging technologies

To provide a stable performance, good overclocking capabilities for line Z170I Pro Gaming Motherboard, Asus did not only use the high-strength materials to production and integrated on the motherboard, but also brings suite of useful utilities and a stable firmware. All can work together smoothly thanks to proprietary technology 5-Way Optimization. This not only helps users themselves can customize the parameters of CPU, RAM, VGA and hard drive to obtain optimum performance for your needs using the most but also can auto-tuning functionality of the entire system according to the needs of each individual user.


Z170I Pro Gaming supports both Wi-Fi 802.11ac dual band.

Also, contributed to optimum overclocking technology must also mention Clock Pro helps increase stability and speed up PC boot system whether the user has performed above BCLK overclocking 400MHz.
Not only bring better performance, Asus Z170I Pro Gaming is also equipped with many other proprietary technologies to create, to help shape a system optimized for entertainment with movies and entertainment with 3D games. For example, to undertake the task brings a rich sound world is the integrated DAC Realtek ALC1150 technology combines Sonic Radar II can automatically detect the impedance of headset technology and optimum FX Superme audio output. Intel Gigabit Ethernet connectivity combined with Lan Guard protection technology and technology GameFirst Z170I Pro Gaming IV also provides online gaming experience smoother.

Overall, besides the technology delivers sound quality with a stable network connection, Z170I Pro Gaming Motherboard Asus also supports integrated technology helps users to overclock easily get a system computer operating performance optimal. This will be the optimal choice for those who need to assemble a compact sized PC is built on the Intel platform, but still bring Skylake exciting experience with fun “race pace” of the computer.