Excellent way to release the memory stored on iPhone

With the 16GB version of the iPhone, not a bad thing in memory performance that is quickly filling in your job that was interrupted.
In this case, you will not be able to extend the storage space of the iPhone with a memory card instead apply quickly a rather unique procedure, received strong attention from the Reddit community.

Following how not require you to lose money, and the implementation process takes place in less than 5 minutes.


Step 1: Open the iTunes Store app on your iPhone and find a movie to rent. Do not worry, you will not pay any rent for their purposes. You should find the film wants to hire a higher-capacity memory space on your iPhone.

Step 2: You should find the movie file size is larger than available memory space on your computer. For example in the article is the film “Avengers” HD on the iPhone has 700MB of free memory. Download size of this film is 6,51GB, free memory so the iPhone can not hold well. Or you can also find movie called “War and Peace” at capacity up to 8,86GB in HD.

Step 3: Now you will see a message pops up that the machine is not enough space to download the film. Instead of clicking the OK button, press the Settings button in the notification.

Step 4: Application Settings screen appears, click on General, then select About. You’ll find more free memory than what you already have than before. As in the article, increasing capacity from 700MB to 2,3GB. This is not a bug or virtual memory. iPhone actually has a blank space that contains the data is not necessary. Make multiple times, the memory of the iPhone availability will increase. Because this procedure is not clear about what kind of data is removed from the phone, so you should be careful, because Apple itself has not confirmed the information given in this regard.

Step 5: Try to download the movie you want to rent, and each time you do so, memory devices continues to increase. Experiments from Business Insider suggests in the machine’s memory from 700MB up to have gone back several times 3,5GB done. Once you have freed up enough space to download movies, iTunes will try to charge you, so be careful with your work.