Experience iPhone charger buy ‘goods genuine’

The continuous electric shock accident recently with suspicion by the use of counterfeit and fake iPhone charger makes the purchasing and use of accessories “genuine” Apple is essential.However, there are ways for users to be able to distinguish and select accessories buy “genuine” genuine.

Identify the types of iPhone charger

Depending on the market, charging for iPhone again with different electrical socket.
For example, the iPhone 5, charging flat square foot is for the US and China, 3-spoke triangular charger is designed for markets in Singapore, Hong Kong or the UK. As for Vietnam market is a long rectangular type charging socket circular form, so charging “genuine” will not be the case that design the square but round pins.

Most of imitation or counterfeit rechargeable current charging categories like flat foot in the Chinese market for compact, it may be possible to use with most docking in Vietnam should be preferred buyers and sellers chapter.

Also 3-pin charger is less than counterfeit and fake, mostly sold as the old charger recovered from the originating iPhone Hong Kong and Singapore were damaged or lost. Particularly rectangular charger for Vietnam market is quite rare, mostly accompanied by genuine iPhone or buy directly from Apple and agents.

Check the information printed on the charger


Per the Apple charger on the market when there are printing full information and specifications on power. Type charger sold separately and is not accompanied Apple machines are also carefully packaged in containers made of paper, not just plastic wrap or wrap sketchy. The information printed outside the box is also detailed, including parameters, the origin of accessories, the code symbols to each Apple device compatible.

On the right is the charger clones.

Authors often do not charge the print type or print the information missing. While these types of counterfeit chargers usually have information but was wrong as “Designed by Apple, Designed by California” instead of the original is “Designed by Apple in California”. Customers often refurbished extraordinary bold light, irregular and less sharp.

With American-style restaurant square charger, below information will be Apple’s manufacturing model name, place of manufacture (Made in China), the current parameters (Input: 100 – 240V ~ 50/60 Hz 0.15A Output: 5V – – 1A). Meanwhile, the serial numbers are printed bottom, beneath a green dot. Particularly with three-spoke type Triangulation charger, the USB port can also print the serial number of the product.


Recognizable in form

On the counterfeit battery chargers, the plastic outer shell quality is often not smooth, the edges are not smooth. Counterfeit rechargeable type usually made more thorough, if not pay attention to small details will not be easy to distinguish.

Inside the USB port in the serial number. Plastic parts have been sharpening edges and smooth them with bronze pins.
In the USB port on the charger genuine and new, adhering metal parts and plastic parts fit, no gaps and differences in the type of charger as fake. Terminal is yellow instead of white, while the plastic part of the USB buffer at the top are small oblong smooth bevelled and are rectangular eel. When plug cables, metal parts exposed quite small only about half a mm, is loose or exposed too much ..

As for the type of flat foot square charger, there is a recognizable way is in pins, equally sized correctly, small holes in the legs both parallel and equally well. Even, the user can set the charging stand upright on two feet flat on the plane. While charging hard to fake or counterfeit do this.

The charging socket on “genuine” Apple is doing very well. Even the square charger can easily erect by 2 feet.
Charging “genuine” usually heavier weight, if this is a new restaurant when no voice shook slotting inside the filter.

Distinguish cable

Genuine cable soft, easy to curl up and when removed usually do not tangle, broken.
Unlike rechargeable electric bulbs, cables and cable genuine or fake imitations will be difficult because there is little to distinguish more easily recognizable signs. How often distinguish genuine Apple cable is using soft wire material, easy to fouling, foldable round, but when removed from being idle or broken folding. USB stick pins also make the plastic casing, difficult to leave despite use excessive force to withdraw. While the rubber gasket between the cable and stick legs snugly into the shell.


While counterfeit or fake cables are usually hard and easy to tangle

With cables for iPhone 4, 4S and the previous generation, the USB port connector pins in the material used yellow, not white. The first side in 30 pin connector, the connector pins are stuck into a long while with the counterfeit or fake charger, socket is prone to flaking after a few hit and plug.

Apple’s Lightning cable with smaller plastic casing.
As for the iPhone 5 cable, charger and any imitation usually can not transmit data, can be connected to a computer to receive special. With this kind of imitation, the ability to connect may not stable, or perhaps a side used to be an important aspect.

While the genuine cable, users can plug in any of the above or below to use. Due to the use of special security chip, plastic casing in the cable should generally small and compact genuine than other types of counterfeiting and parody.