Game on App Store brings nearly $ 1 billion in revenue in December, Clash of Clans in Top

Game on App Store

The results above are listed by research company Sensor Tower. This is one of the month they have record high revenues from App Store. Nearly $ 1 billion above (actually 999.56 million) was higher more than 18% compared with the figure 847 million in November of last year. The number of downloads Games has increased from 510 million in November up to 614 million in the last month of 2015. Note that this is the number of downloads, that is not only inclusive of the new purchase but also the people bought before, and now removed, re-download . Clash of Clans heads of sales with $90 million in the worldwide last month, while the first class is based on the number of downloads Piano Tiles 2 with 15.6 million downloads.


Beside that, According to MacRumors, the announcement has just launched, Apple said that estimate within 2 weeks (end until January 3), the number of people accessing the App Store market sudden increase. During this time, Apple also earned a total revenue of $ 1.1 billion.

Especially alone, January 1st 2016, Apple App Store earned $ 144 million through the purchase of software users.

Whereas, by the end of 2015, the Apple App Store earned total revenue of $ 20 billion.

As known, from 2008 until now, Apple has paid nearly $ 40 billion for the programmer in which in 2015 was $ 8 billion. This shows that Apple’s App Store is still a “playground” to create a lot of profit for developers.

Apple also said that through the development of its ecosystem, which has created a lot of employment opportunities. An estimated, Apple has created and supports more than 1.9 million jobs in the US, 1.2 million jobs in Europe and 1.4 million jobs in China. In particular, most of the programmers, software engineers, business building software …

This is definitely a great result they have Apple as the fact that they only get 30% return per $1 on investment on the App Store. However, they say that the development goals of the App Store to bring much the benefits outweigh than just profit. Specifically, the sum of 40 billion dollars have been spent to pay for app developers since 2008, Apple has created jobs for more than 1.9 million employees, in more than 75% there to serve the iOS ecosystem, including software engineers, programmers develop applications … So, look at a different angle, the Apple app Store remaining benefits far outweigh the numbers we see at present.