Hackers attacked the largest US bank

JPMorgan Chase, one of the banking giant – the world’s largest financial, has been hacked, stolen information of 83 million customers.


Despite pouring more money for the security of JPMorgan Chase Bank, but has not escaped the hands of hackers

Representing JPMorgan Chase, the largest US bank, yesterday admitted hackers penetrated the computer system of the bank, collect personal information of 83 million customers are households and small businesses as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. The perpetrators also have access to “inside information of JPMorgan Chase” as customer records and can see if they have a mortgage or not, even the value of assets, the New York Post quoted the Patricia Wexler spokeswoman said JPMorgan Chase. Some other sources have revealed hackers gain entry into more than 90 of the bank server.

Unexpected losses

Currently, JPMorgan Chase announced only 2 customers access and JPMorganOnline Chase.com website as well as the bank’s application on mobile phones are affected. The bank also confirmed the important data such as account number, password, date of birth and identification number of social insurance card is not stolen.

Wexler spokeswoman said JPMorgan Chase detect hackers for attacks on the host system in mid-August and has since determined that the first phase can penetrate starting May 6. However, not until early October, the new bank to identify the scale of the attacks as well as the information was lost. “We have identified and closed all access roads exposed,” she said Wexler, but did not disclose further information. She shared that the bank only has to disable the account and change the password disclosure of all technical personnel. In a notice posted on the homepage Chase.com, JPMorgan Chase Bank assured that customers do not need to change your password and account information. According to JPMorgan Chase, so far without any public money theft occurs, while emphasizing customer will not responsible for the timely warning to the bank about any unauthorized transactions on your account they.

However, experts are skeptical information about the above statement and said that no one can measure all the damage from the incident. “If this additional data in the same system, the hackers could have access to it and may also have taken them,” the New York Post quoted expert on network data belonging Rob Sloane Risk and Compliance Dow Jones said.


US officials have not identified the source of attacks, but Bloomberg led a number of unnamed sources speculated the culprit this massive attack is hacker originated from Russia. Accordingly, this may be retaliation for the US to impose a series of sanctions against Russia concerning the crisis in Ukraine. Besides China, Russia and Eastern European hackers are often the leading suspects of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the network attacks, especially after the US government last year prosecuted 4 Russians and 1 Ukrainian, whom they accuse of running a global hackers line. According to ABC News (US), this line allows the audience on a computer system intrusions of more than a dozen companies in the US and many other countries in the past 7 years, theft of data of more than 160 million credit cards and debit cards.

The incident has raised many concerns about the level of security of personal information at JPMorgan Chase. For years, the bank is considered relatively safe from cyber attack because of the money invested in the work of security as well as security personnel trained network. According to Bloomberg, the largest US bank has spent about 200 million dollars a year on security activities and private hire 1,000 people for this field. Jamie Dimon’s general manager admitted JPMorgan Chase Bank executives are very concerned about the threat of cyber attacks despite security activities consume hundreds of millions of dollars in its operating budget.