How to check the bottle when buying older iPhone battery

When preparing to buy back the old iPhone, one of the main users are most concerned about is to check the battery status.
old iPhone, since the iPhone 4 back, is the “hot” are more interested users. To select a machine like that, customers also need a bit of skill checks before the money, one of which is if the batteries are reliable or not.

IPhone or iPad’s battery is Li-ion battery line manufactured from lithium metal (lithium) will be calculated according to the number of bottles full charge (full charge). The phone lines previously used battery Nickel (Nickel) as constituents should have major limitations battery is fully charged after charging the battery while plugged appears the salt crystals (produced by the electrolysis process ), making a fully charged battery becomes more difficult over time, and reduce the capacity and lifetime of the battery, also known as bottle battery.

Li-Ion battery of the iPhone to overcome this limitation, but this battery will start charging the bottle after 400 times (after 400 charge cycle). Each charge cycle corresponds to a full 100% battery charge (cumulative total charge) rather than once plugged in and pulled out. There are ways to check the bottle for iPhone battery.

1. For iPhone jailbreak


– Install some software from Cydia as BatteryDetective or Battery Life for inspection.

2. For iPhone jailbreak yet

The first way:

See the battery based on reports sent to the server machine Apple. But this way, you have to wait for 24 hours for the machine to send data.

A new menu board appearance and you press the button “Automatically Send” to activate the activity reports sent to the system. After about 12-24 hours, the machine will send the report and the battery information will also appear.
You go to Settings, choose General, looked About table, select Diagnostics & Usage.

The second way:

Step 1: Download and iBackupBot Itunes software on your computer
Http:// itunes (for iPhone can be connected to a computer)
iBackupBot (check the battery status)
Step 2: Once downloaded and installed, you open the software and connect iPhone iBackupBot iPad with your computer via USB cable
Step 3: Click on the device name and click on “More Info”
Step 4: When you click on “More Info”, the details of the battery will be displayed
CycleCount: charging the full round
DesignCapacity: Maximum battery capacity originally
FullChargeCapacity: maximum battery current.


Information battery capacity when new shipments of the iPhone, iPad

iPhone 3G / 3GS: 1,200 mAh
iPhone 4 / 4S: 1420 mAh
iPhone 5: 1,440 mAh
iPhone 5C: 1,507 mAh
iPhone 5S: 1,570 mAh
iPhone 6: 1810 mAh
iPhone 6 Plus: 2,915 mAh
iPad 2: 6930 mAh
iPad 3 (The New iPad): 11 560 mAh
iPad 4: 11 560 mAh
iPad Mini: 4,490 mAh
iPad Mini 2 (with Retina Display): 6471 mAh
iPad Mini 3: 6471 mAh
iPad Air: 8820 mAh
iPad Air 2: 7340 mAh