IPhone can do 21 things you need to know

Many useful features you need to discover on the Settings menu, others are hidden just below the usual interface that you are not paying attention. Meanwhile, iMessage brings the fun and virtual assistant Siri can do the unexpected. It is noteworthy that most of the features introduced in this article take effect on iOS 8 or higher, and some only support iOS 9.

Reply messages from the lock screen


You can submit feedback an unread message without unlocking, by swiping from the top edge of the screen to view the notification on the Notifications tray (if on the lock screen is displaying a message has arrived, no need this procedure), touch and swipe left a message. Next, click on the Reply button option that appears and answers.

Reply to a message while opening an application

You open an application, such Facebook, which received an incoming message, it will appear on the top screen in the form of pop ups, touch and swipe down if you want to write the message feedback. Where the message is no longer present, then performed again as the lockscreen.

See the most battery-hungry applications

Sometimes you suddenly noticed the iPhone‘s battery faster than normal run, then you can check out these apps are “demanding” the battery by going to Settings> Battery. You’ll see which applications are consuming the most battery power.

See all the photos you and someone has another message

Very easy to review all photos and videos that you and someone texted each other with iMessage. You simply access the application “Messages“, open view message thread between the two sides exchanged and then click the Details button in the upper right of the screen is finished.

Send audio and video messages to self-destruct

You can send audio and video is likely to self-destruct after 2 minutes. To set the mode, go to Settings> Messages, then scroll down to share audio and video messages. Here you can choose to delete a message duration of 2 minutes or never (never).

Named to the huddle

If you usually iMessage messaging with the same group or talking with people about a particular topic, name huddle handy. To do this, click Details in the message thread, pull down screen and enter the group name in the Group Name is finished.

Leave huddle

Group messaging to multiple users to exchange iMessage conversation very convenient, but if you find frustrating, and to leave the group, then click the Details button in the upper right corner of the huddle, and then select Leave Conversation.

Message to the alarm

You want to turn off the sounds on receiving the message for someone, it opens with the message thread, click the Details button and enable Do Not Disturb.

Share your current location

To accurately describe where you are somebody, you just send a message saying his position. To do this, click the Details button in the upper right corner of the screen message thread between the two sides, then click on the Send My Location next.

Multitasking in the email


You are still able to compose email unfinished quickly browse other emails in the inbox without exit. Tap the top part, where the word New Message or title (if you have filled in the Subject) of emails, and drag the bottom of the screen. This will shrink the email is composed of a bottom line, so you easily browse the other email. When you want to continue writing emails back then just click on it waiting at the bottom of the screen.

Forward the message to others

As with email, you can forward a received message to another person. Tap twice to want to forward messages, and then click More options … just show up. Then click the forward arrow button in the lower right corner, finally the phone number or the name fill recipients from the contacts list and click.

Allows users to track where your body to

If you would like a family member or friend to watch over your journey, you can manipulate as above but choose Share My Location Send My Location instead. You can set time location sharing is 1 hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely.

Call off the tap of the home button Siri

Not always you also hold down the Home button ready to activate Siri. So you keep saying “Hey Siri” is Apple’s virtual assistant will pop up (note that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus apart, the older generation iPhone is to use the new power adapter is this feature). Hey Siri course must be set in advance in Settings> General> Siri.

Thanks to Siri read anything

You can activate Siri to read newspapers online, books, message … thanks to one of the useful features of the iPhone, but few people pay attention to. Go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Speech, then activate Speak and Speak Selection Screen. From now on, every time you swipe two fingers from the top of the screen down Siri will read the entire contents are displayed.

Control iPhone by shaking head


This interesting feature in the Accessibility section less noticeable. To set up, go to Settings> General> Accessibility and Interaction scroll down to the section, click Switch Control, and then on Switches> Add New Switch> Camera. Here, select Left or Right Head Head Movement Movement. Next, you are down to the System and choose a corresponding action shook his head moves left or right. If you choose such Siri, with Switch Control is enabled, every time you shook her head as chosen automatically activate Siri.

See where you’ve come across

iPhone to record every place you have to, and you can see the “hallmark” of his in Settings> Privacy> Location Services> System Services. Here, you scroll down and select Frequent Locations, click the History section for review.

Save battery power by using the iPhone in gray mode

If the iPhone battery running low, want to extend the time to use the phone while charging no conditions, switch the screen to monochrome mode to save battery power. To do so, go to Settings> General> Accessibility and turn on the Grayscale mode. You should also combine reduced to the minimum brightness.

Drag the icons and other content down to the bottom of the screen

This feature called Reachability Mode, only works with the iPhone and iPhone 6/6 Plus 6S / 6S Plus. If you are using large screen iPhone with one hand, you can double-tap the Home button to drag the icons and other content on the screen down to the bottom, like that easier to manage. You note that double tap the home button instead, otherwise you will activate the switch interface application (app switcher).

Use Low Power Mode to prolong battery life

Low Power Mode, a new feature of iOS 9, tell your iPhone to reduce some of the features to further extend battery usage time. This means that it will stop making new applications running in the background, instant email updates, and other trifling few things to maintain your battery for longer use.

Launch the music player by plugging headphones

If you often listen to music at the same time every morning, your iPhone will know automatically launch the music player when you plug headphones into the machine. This is a new feature of iOS 9.

Find everything in the Settings menu

Since iOS 9, you do not have to grope for everything in the iPhone’s Settings menu. This menu now has added a search box at the top, allowing you to jump directly to any item setup.