Manual infrared stove correctly and safely

Using infrared properly kitchen you can save electricity and provide safety when used to cook delicious meals for the whole family. With the advantages of easy cooking and cleaning is extremely simple by using the glass kitchen. The use of infrared stove properly will give you more experience in using the kitchen so that safe and effective.

Infrared kitchen is currently quite a lot of users and is becoming increasingly popular because of the advantages it brings Vietnam. There are many families choose kitchen safety infrared by using power and versatility to be able to be used in all types of boilers. To use infrared stove properly, you save electricity and refer to some details below


Use a separate socket

Infrared kitchen electrical energy for cooking, often with high capacity up to 2000W, so you need to use a separate power outlet, do not share with other electrical appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, gas cookers … to avoid the risk of fire or electrical short circuit. Currently there are many modern kitchen models infrared infrared stove Midea as such, particularly for infrared Midea brand this kitchen you’ve got a lot of good products to choose from.

Also, you must be sure that the amperage of the kitchen fit your family’s power is used. Ideally you should have a voltage regulator to stabilize the power and extend the life of the coil generates a magnetic field Infrared kitchen. A modern kitchen stove infrared infrared KG369i Kangaroo will be beautifully designed, compact and kitchen Kangaroo KG369i also heat resistant glass, scratch-resistant, stainless steel casing, anti-rust paint and durable with flexible control capabilities that will help you use more efficient.

Turn stove to low temperatures before

Many people have the habit of making hot pot, pan before cooking, but the kitchen is capable of infrared heating faster cookware. So if high-power regulation is easy to do when you open fire stove pots and food. The best way is you open kitchens at low power and increase gradually if necessary


Choose the right size pot

Unlike electromagnetic stove, electric stove from the kitchen when cooking pot cocoon infrared characterized not picky pot (More kitchen pot Infrared what?), But you should only use pots and pans with flat bottoms and sugar diameter from 10cm – 26cm to cover all infrared circle of kitchen, do not take the pot too big, too heavy or dragging pots scratch, break stovetop.

Power saving

You can turn down the heat a few minutes before the end of cooking to save power. Moreover, the residual heat of the kitchen is enough to cooked stews, stir-fries. However, the fried foods, fried or oily foods, do not take this approach. You can learn more about how to ensure the safety of infrared stove through the article the safety mode of the infrared stove which we mentioned earlier.

Using infrared proper kitchen safety

– Do not touch it stovetops infrared even after cooking to avoid burns. Also avoid wipe up kitchen surfaces when the stove has not cooled infrared Full
– After cooking on the stove Infrared should not unplug the power cord immediately after turning off the stove because the fan is still in operation to cool the kitchen.
– Dry the bottom of the pan before placing it on the kitchen as well as one of the infrared kitchen hygiene. The bottom of the pot you dry before placing it on the kitchen stove use cleaner will help.
– Place the stove in a cool place for cooling fans operate efficiently, not near the fire, water or other electronic devices such as televisions, refrigerators …

It can be said that use infrared stove properly is essential for those who are using this device. Hopefully the information above will help you to be able to use infrared stove safety and more efficient. In addition to using the correct way to hold the stars for infrared clean kitchen, you can see how infrared kitchen hygiene