Microsoft Office 2016 and Skype for Business Preview

After a series of rumors about the office toolkit latest generation of Microsoft’s Office 2016 Preview, then recently, users were able to rejoice this suite download today. Aside from Office, Microsoft also allows users to add the app to experience Skype for Business for businesses / organizations.
Overall, Office 2016 is considered the most advanced versions of Office with a lot of upgrades and great features, even if compared with Office for Windows 10, this version proved superior. In particular, the version of Office 2016 today appeared in nearly as well as the official version, not much different than the Office to be released later this year.


According to initial information, the Office 2016 Preview owns more colorful interface, in addition, each application will own a color version featured as Word is blue, green Excel, PowerPoint orange, OneNote purple … in addition, the symbol of the Office 2016 Preview is also made more flat, similar to the version on Android and iOS.
According to the company, Outlook 2016 has improved the ability to search, store footprint, email delivery systems, along with a number of enhancements to insert images in Word 2016 and Excel 2016. The following are notable improvements the toolkit of office 2016 Preview entirely new:

– Image inserted into the document will automatically rotate in the correct direction when shooting Outlook 2016 is improved in terms of search, store, send and receive emails, have the option to retain email only from 1, 3, 7, 14 or 30 yesterday.
– The IT administrator can now create, manage and enforce policy document authentication as well as file sharing easier with Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
– Support deploy, install and activate Office 2016 easier in an enterprise environment
– Macros and Add-in is not much change, focused mainly helps businesses analyze the old documents without having to rewrite code.
– Enhanced security with Visio files.


Also today, Microsoft also launched the beta version of Skype for Business app to replace the previous Lync application, and then to become a communication tool, a leading information exchange for businesses.
Basically, Skype for Business owns similar interfaces Skype ordinary version, however, it will incorporate many more new applications in the Office suite. Reportedly, Skype for Business version complete will be launched in April next.