Omron Project Zero: health monitoring equipment with blood pressure measurement capability

Almost SmartWatch samples currently lauch on the market are equipped with a very useful feature is measuring the heart rate. However, perhaps Omron Healthcare is the first company to launch devices which measuring and monitoring  blood pressure of user. Blood pressure measurement can reveal much information about the risk of rising or lowering blood pressure, but until now, the only way is also the most effective way to do this  to use a large inflatable band wrap around patients biceps.

Measuring blood pressure at the wrist is also an option, but Omron’s Project Zero promissing is first device, have size as a watch can accurately measure blood pressure and the results get as analogous as measure in biceps.  It can be said Project Zero is a miniature version of the blood pressure measurement, you often see the doctor used,  so it is not as thin as other  wear tracking devices about health.  However, if you do not feel too bothered, you can still wear this device because its size is not too big.

Omron Project Zero

In addition to blood pressure measurement, Omron products are also equipped with tracking workout data such as physical activity or quality of your sleep at night. All this information is then synchronized with Omron Connect app (available on iOS and Android), lets users check the status portion of their health in real time, and send information to doctors aim to monitor health from remote areas

Project Zero are still awaiting approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can be sold on the market. Omron said that their equipment can afford to get a license, and will be widely used in the hospital or medical facility. Products are expected to be sold in late 2016 for around $ 200.