Remix OS is a customized operating system again from Android 5.0

The version I introduce to you, has been developed with Android x86 group to help it perform well on most PCs running Intel / AMD. Remix OS support Play Store and Google services so you can freely install the app on your computer. In addition it also has the ability to run Android app as a window like Windows very convenient and often, especially when used on a laptop or desktop. Finally, Remix OS allows us to use mouse and keyboard to navigate and not need a touchscreen. In this article I will guide you how to install Remix OS to the drive and experience it.

1. Prepare

Drive USB 2.0 or 3.0 at least 8GB of storage. Use the 3.0 drive speed will be faster ISO files of Remix OS, download it here (mirror Torrent here)

Application reviews in USB ISO file, download it here (mirror here)

A computer with mouse and keyboard, with Wifi

2. Conduct

Step 1: Format your USB drive as FAT32.

Note: not accept ex FAT.

Step 2: Windows computer: Use assessment tools downloaded ISO file above, choose the path to the ISO file, select your USB drive letter and click OK to burn the ISO file to be initiated . Note: if you are using Windows Defender, you must disable it. I have not tried with other anti-virus software but likely that you’ll have to disable it temporarily if not rated ISO process fails

Remix OS

Mac: First you go to the downloaded ISO file on your Desktop. Then, run up the Terminal application and type the following command:

hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o Desktop/RemixISO.img Desktop/RemixISO.iso

Press Enter to run the command start. It will change our ISO file into a format compatible with Mac IMG. Continue typing the following command:

diskutil list


During this time the Terminal window will appear listing the drives are connected to the computer. Find your correct USB drive, will see the word disk X with any word that a number corresponding to each machine. Type this command to help our USB bootable again is finished, remember to replace X with number corresponding to your USB flash drive:

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskX 

sudo dd if=Desktop/RemixISO.img
of=/dev/rdiskX bs=1m

diskutil eject /dev/diskX


3. Experience

Now you’ve got a USB drive containing Remix OS, we will keep your computer running more from this drive. Basically, it is like when you boot with any other USB drive, which means you have to turn off your computer completely off, and then start up again. While the machine has run up, you have to press a certain key to appear lists the boot drive is attached to the machine, and this key will depend on the manufacturer. On the MacBook is holding down the Option button, Acer in the F9, Asus is F8 or Esc, Dell is F1. You can go to this website to look up your machine’s boot keys are.      After boot menu did show up, you should see your USB drive, select the system to boot to complete. You will be asked if you want to run Remix OS in any mode, there are two things to choose:     Guest Mode: This mode does not save your data every time you reboot it will reset as new Remix OS     Resident Mode: This mode allows full data store (stored on the drive, do not affect the computer’s hard drive), the next time you open up all the data your have not set again. If selected    Resident Mode, first boot may take up to 10-15 minutes depending on the USB drive and your computer configuration. Select mode is complete, wait for Remix OS run up and begin to experience it. This song afterwards is like using your Android tablet is not that different.


4. Some initial experience

The operating system runs fast and smooth (tested on Retina MacBook Pro 15 “)User-friendly interface, with similar Windows desktop, where you can set up application icons.Having just Windows taskbar so you see the app running multitaskingThe app can run on windows thumbnail form, it seems unrestricted number window. Each window can close, minimize, maximize not differ from Windows at all. There are things you do not know how to resize the window (or in my mouse does not eat)     Yes Play Store, Gmail and other Google services. You can download all the apps on spending, then we’ll look of style tablet. I have not found a way to type in Vietnamese on Remix OS. There cursor to navigate more easily, with the right click menu. Most of the hardware on your computer are compatible with Remix OS: keyboard typing tasty, well spent mouse, including scrolling. I’ll continue to experience weak Remix OS on a hardware than to share with you much more about this exciting operating system.