REVIEW YOGA Tablet 2 – good but lacking Innovation Breakthrough

Last in a series of product launches line of Lenovo YOGA, YOGA Tablet 2 8-inch is one of three products in line with the target Tablet morph into the market direction of the majority of 8-inch Tablet is available on the market.
The 8-inch YOGA Table 2 is “dissected” here is the second generation of tablet line “morph” unique. Compared to version YOGA Tablet last year, this year’s version adds a small hole on the outriggers of the machine with the aim of creating a tablet-style use wall-mounted it again.
The reason for this tablet is called “morphing” because it is multi-mode tablet form used including convenient 4 mode with the use of different situations, from Hold, Tilt and Stand to Treo.


A small hole in the leg against forming a new type of use, type of wall.

Treo specific applications that Lenovo aims to be in the … kitchen or dining room, where you can hang the 8-inch YOGA Table 2 on the walls to entertain while cooking, or simply to refer to the food recipes or your favorite beverage. Of course, depending on the specific demand for that feature this suspension will promote many other effects, not necessarily only in the narrow kitchen space.

Overall, Table 2 8-inch YOGA designed compact silver eyes with the familiar tone. Rotate the base where Lenovo stereo speaker system layout similar predecessor. Machine weight is around 400g lighter and can be quite comfortable holding hands for hours without fatigue. Machines for solid feel.


Just do not have too much to talk about the design of the Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 by this product design has style Tablet strange not eat in any line of tablets are on the market yet. In the eyes of some, this may be contrary or other movement of people, but with a fraction of users who feel boring before too familiar design from other types of tablet Lenovo to give them a sense relatively new. To prove this we can look at the design of the YOGA Tablet launched early last year. If this design style is not effective then surely Lenovo will have to choose a language completely new design rather than simply upgrading and improving the existing ones.

Sounds and images
Experience the fact that Full HD (1920 x 1200 pixels) resolution on the most popular Android tablet line by whether lifting up to 2K resolution or even 4K nor bring more efficiency fantasy image lag even cause shock loads due to machine a number of pixels more than 4x. Try to look at the product and are using 2K resolution you will understand why the high resolution is secondary to race together firms also do not benefit users, even disadvantaged by price to be pushed up.

Sound, like the aforementioned speakers YOGA 2 8-inch table is built right into the base rotate very compact and looks fancy. This is a dedicated speaker for the decoder is equipped with high-quality audio to accompany Wolfson Master HiFi Dolby Audio technology advanced.

Whereby the sound of YOGA Tablet 2 8-inch marginally better rather than the tablet segment, especially the bass is significantly improved to help hearing “was” more natural. However, whether brought in the high-end audio technology, but the area is too narrow speaker layout of a Tablet, the sound just enough so that the user can enjoy the music, the movies still have to depend on fastidious level of yourselves.


But do not take pictures with convenient tablet as smartphones but integrating dual camera is also a significant plus point of the 8-inch YOGA Table 2. Photography software of the tablet has been Lenovo alignment helps manipulate “shooting” quick and easy. Table 2 8-inch YOGA has been a significant investment for the camera than the first-generation models. Main camera resolution of 8 “dots” while the front camera is 1.6MP.



It’s hard to compare cell configuration when YOGA Tablet 2 to use the new line of Intel mobile chips while most other devices on the market to smooth surface with names such as Qualcomm and Exynos etc … If compared to the tablet segment, the configuration of the 8-inch YOGA table 2 in the form of pretty. The machine is equipped with Intel Atom Z3745 quad-core chips (2M Cache, 1.86 GHz maximum clock), Intel HD Graphics graphics plus up to 2GB of RAM (DDR3 LP).
The performance of a mobile device is clearly not dependent on product configuration that it depends on compatibility between the ROM and the hardware that the company uses. In the customized software is only relatively so Lenovo in some tasks demand stereoscopic image processing large, it will lose the feeling smoother usually though not significantly.

YOGA battery capacity of 8-inch Table 2, we can fully assured by outrigger positions bulging edge design is not only Lenovo’s strange that it’s where the company hidden energy source size 6400 mAh, so bring a picnic in the day when charging is something you can forget. Battery life has been improved compared to the first generation version, while Intel Atom itself is energy-efficient chips to real-time use of the machine is pushed up significantly – up to 18 hours can be used constantly, of course only in those tasks rather gentle game.

YOGA Table 2 8-inch compact size, convenient, easy to carry around but also very good to meet the needs that you would expect in a tablet of new experiences, entertainment quality, price both fit and capable of highly customizable.