HatSize leadership development for the education market – Cloud Automation

Size Hat, a provider of cloud computing software automatically performs the leading presentations and training, published this week, a strategic partnership with its partners received certification , vendor-neutral educational technology provides advanced Web and certification, to help provide IT training certification courses and certification industrythrough schools, online universities, companies training and industry associations through the Hatsize Cloud. Under this collaboration, the cooperation of the current certificate can provide solutions Hatsize Cloud-Based Training to provide programs of CIW (Certified Internet Web Professional) for students and professionals real web anywhere in the world. Hatsize will provide cloud services providers- hands on skills and certification training on topics such as technology platforms CIW web, web design, ecommerce and more. “The combination of Certified Partner and Vice President of IT solutions certified brand education Hatsize Cloud-Based Training CIW, we are better prepared than ever to help students around the world today becoming more and more professional, “said Todd Hopkins, certified Partners also said that we can professionally trained and certified to a whole new level of excellence for our customers – togerther.


“Solution Partner Our certification to solve one of the biggest challenges in today’s education market, is providing cost effective and training while improving the effectiveness of training and certification experts recognized practice, “Sue Miller, CEO Hatsize said. “Doing the same, we will help organizations provide services about education and certification of experts-class-world to ensure the most successful in the real world.” The Hatsize cloud provides a virtual software environment, where students can complete CIW teaching labs, so they can get hands-on training and practice their skills in practice anytime, from any location. Students will also gain experience with the technology directly related concept is currently teaching at the school CIW: cloud computing. As Hopkins says, Knowledge can be put into practice that is a goal of a good education that this cooperation will be achieved.” Sue Miller pointed out in an interview with me last week that cloud software automation is increasing demand for demos, training and experiment with virtual and physical delivery. Hatsize In a survey, 57% of respondents said they needed an automated cloud as Cloud- enabled demos, POCs, training and product introduction in 2011, with 40% of respondents the budget has been allocated for this. Definition of Cloud Automation Cloud Automation, formerly known as automated virtual lab, providing users with dynamic scheduling and provisioning of virtual machines and data centers, while allowing the control standard passage through the policies and safe use. Cloud automation is ideal for dynamic workloads which like virtual training, sales demonstrations and can evelate the evidence of the product concept.

How it works

A session enables cloud or virtual lab for authorized users – whether they are potential customers, partners, employees, faculty or students – with the ability to test, preview, reviews and training on almost any computer anywhere in the world, while remote access an interactive hardware and / or software environment. Version can be configured and managed centrally and users can access them at a specific time scheduled or on-demand as needed. With size Hat, for example, a provider can use the software organizations worldwide automation products Hat Size cloud to create a design that introduced sales on a virtual machine configured to run on the infrastructure and its data center, the Hatsize infrastructure in North America, Europe and Asia and URL can be delivered to the potential customer anytime – anywhere. What the brain. Cloud computing allows easily to tear down and set up. Plus, they save time sales engineer and the company saves money by not having to ship the device or on the spot. In addition, the cloud allows Hatsize offers demo warning detection time presence and details The report uses incentives to help close more sales faster.


Virtual labs were first introduced as company and educational institution which were struggled to find ways to share and check information, without having to be in the same location, using the device being the same piece.

About Hatsize

Hatsize is a software company cloud computing world leading automation offers more than 2 million hours of demo and training for the cloud enables successful technology company in the world, It include so many parts: IBM, Juniper, Sun Microsystems and Symantec. Backed by gold beads and Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), Hatsize is a software company advanced cloud computing automation to change the way companies market products and hardware their their software. The company secured a Series A financing $ 5 million from BDC Gold County in November 2010.

About Certified Partner

Partners certified training leading industry and certification, and content solutions to deliver a variety of IT services to the professional development of institutions of higher education, the corporations, associations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. It develops educational materials and limited curriculum and help schools and training providers to meet the desired target distribution, in accordance with mandatory targets and use requirements labor skills goals.