Software predicts the fate of all life on Earth

Researchers have created a computer program to simulate ambitious entire ecosystem with all forms of life on Earth.

Researchers from Microsoft and the UN hoped, the program developed by them during the past two years could provide a better understanding of how to link the fragile ecosystems on our planet. Madingley called models, simulation programs have attempted to capture the process of development, migration and life of organisms as well as their food chain.

Modeling of all organisms within an ecosystem is the task now seem “impossible” because it requires too much computer power. However, the researchers stressed that they can achieve reliable results through the application of the rules on the behavior of organisms in the group / forum.


The authors emphasized that “Madingley model can help solve key environmental issues, especially the influence of pressure from humans, such as the loss of habitat … We are for models launched as open source software, which allows anyone to survey the current version of the program or help develop it further. ”

The researchers expected, this simulation program will eventually lead to the birth of “The model overall ecosystem” (Gem), capable of claiming the entire structure and functions of any ecosystems in the world.

However, Madingley model to date has caused much controversy. Some experts believe that ecology, nature is too complex, the model can not be made in this way. Others have said, the results obtained from the uncertainty, can not be applied as the basis for important decisions, such as where to establish protected areas or the best way to operate the fishing profession industry.

Even so, the research team believes Madingley model, the ecologists at least have to try modeling of ecosystems on Earth if you want to better understand and ultimately restore them.