Some tools to help check the details of PC hardware

Have you ever wanted to learn the details of the hardware components of your PC is used or not? For example, the hard disk parameters, parameter RAM, … Whether we like it not, the knowledge of the details of hardware configuration of the computer you’re using to bring a lot of benefits on, especially can be repaired or upgraded systems.


If you want to know quickly about the details of the hardware components of your computer, you can use one of the following suggested software.
Speccy. As product developers together with Ccleaner and software Speccy is also quite a lot of users. One part is quite simple using the display interface is quite intuitive and free.

Once launched, Speccy will list every detail about the OS, CPU, RAM, motherboard, graphics card, storage devices (including connected external drives), optical disk drives, components audio hardware, attached peripherals and network connections.
Also, Speccy is equipped with additional temperature measurement features of the different components of the computer such as the CPU, motherboard, hard drive, ..

Belarc Advisor


Unlike the display of results within the software interface, Belarc Advisor displays results on the default web browser that you are using.

Besides displaying detailed information about hardware, Belarc Advisor also shows information about the user license key used to activate the software and operating system on the computer.


Unlike the top 2 software, HWMonitor not offer many extra features but it’s another show quite detailed information about the hardware and the current status of the computer, such as temperature or voltage. If you want to know the exact status of existing hardware of the computer, then HWMonitor is the top choice for you.