Surface Book: beautiful but heavy machine, fantastic keyboard, cool hinge but not stiff, high price

Surface Book is the most advanced computers of Microsoft, higher than the Surface Pro 4 and have an extremely madness hinge. The first feeling of holding the machine when the machine is slightly heavier than the machine 13 ” but perfect quality overall quite good, keyboard so good, move smooth, very smooth and well screen, high configuration, the machine running fast, with discrete GPU but in return the price is also quite harsh compared with the average, from $ 1,499 was the cheapest to $ 3,199.

Surface Book is still a tablet combined the computer with the detachable screen.

Now, How to remove the screen quite advanced because the hard keys on the right side keyboard was driven by electric motor, just keep pressing this key, two separate voice rang with a message appears on the screen that you can pick out. Talking is lifted but actually you still have one hand on the keyboard with one hand to pick it up, it’s not really smooth. The keyboard connects the screen must go through to 5 the buckling, 2 buckling at either end hold the screen 2, and 3 the buckling in the center used to transfer datbetween the two components and batteries. When you want to reconnect, you put the screen is near by the buckling, buckling in the first two magnets will automatically draws together.

Surface Book

Speaking more about the hinge

The hinges are made of metal rather than rubber or any elastic material at all. Looking at you see it is bent when the machine was folded but practically no detail will be bent at all. Hinges are pooled from multiple axes together, like taking many such bundle of pooled wand, the folding screen to where the shaft / wand that automatically swivel seats in place and so on until the shaft / wand finally rotate all the time is near 100% foldable screen. The beauty is that Microsoft has cleverly designed the entire cluster swivel is very delicate and streamlined, that makes the rotation will be Madness, not like any laptop before

hinges-surface book

Display section

Size 13.5 “Resolution 3000 x 2000 super nice, smooth image and very nice, bright colors, both in front of and behind machine also have the camera feature, two external speakers located on the front near the top edge, the power button and volume also located on the top edge of the screen. on the machine does not have any ports except 3.5mm headphone port on the right side. the screen is also a standalone tablet, so you can use it without the keyboard


Keyboard / dock

It’s also contains many connection ports as 2 x USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, an SD card and a single common charging port of the monitor and keyboard. In this keyboard from $ 1899 and above version is integrated NVIDIA discrete graphics and of course it also has backup battery inside, help computer spend longer when plugged into the keyboard.

The keyboard has very high quality, high buoyancy and excellent elasticity, each knock down is immediately have a reverse force pushing up again so you can press very gently and without using much force. The size is also quite large keys, a reasonable distance


Tables and smooth drag, feeling not drag much hiss, speed feedback between drag table with machine very rapid  so all operations are very smooth, you can use two fingers to scroll and click like the MacBook so you absolutely can be used to replace the dependence mouse. In general, the Surface is a PC Book beautiful but slightly heavy, if we have to bring the whole machine and keyboard while moving is not very good. Alloy shell with high level of perfection, particularly the hinges very solid but does not enough screens attached to hard but still be shaking a lot.

Hinge open does not 180 or 360 degrees. Additionally, the keyboard was very good, very smooth at touch, highly configurable help your computer running smoothly, with the GPU to handle the job but unfortunately weighs slightly higher price, the lowest price is $ 1499 without GPU, GPU must want money from $ 1899 or more (excluding VAT), a price very worth thinking about when compared to MacBook Pro Retina