Talking about buying laptops in Vietnam market

Although portable products often have cheaper rates than genuine, but the fact that current technology users still prefer new or used genuine goods, with the aim to use long-term stability. Thereby, users are entitled to all the privileges from genuine, rather than a warranty and receive support primarily in store for portable laptops.

Recently, a series of portable phones mainly come from Japan and Korea to Vietnam with attractive prices. In particular, for established entrepreneurs, they often enter and sales full box, like new merchandise, goods without accessories, even the old goods with fairly cheap prices, makes the difficult customer economic hard to refuse. However, behind these attractive prices, goods laptop always have the “instability” that users themselves have practical use can be clearly felt, most deeply.


For old goods 99.9% or less, the state imported and sold also quite complex, depending on the policies of each of the buy and sell goods. These models are almost no genuine accessories come when selling to clients. For some stores, they also entered the goods without a clear origin, poor quality products, in order to bring higher profits.

The worry when buying portable

For those who have in-depth knowledge about each portable, the ability to purchase goods in the shop well reputed capital is quite high. However, ordinary users and women who are often difficult to identify the status of the notebook. More particularly, those who prefer to buy the cheapest phone often easier to stick to each up the most. The machine uses up to buy some time will be quickly damaged condition, quickly degraded than the new series. Because the machines are old products up, be repaired and replaced, mainly originating from China smuggled into Vietnam.



The family of laptops come from the network South Korea, Japan, USA … most of them have own features and applications, “accompanying” the network’s own. Based on the actual demand in Vietnam,we can see the features and applications such as “spam”.If we do not interfere deep into computer systems, ROOT method we can hardly remove the “junk” that out.


If users easygoing and sympathetic, will easily accept “junk” because of the difference between the trade-off between genuine and portable products. However, applications from operators will always run in the system permanent, can reduce  RAM of computer a little bit that are do not easily turned off.


When users require installation custom ROM versions, the portable store can be installed to help customers with any ROM, usually depends on the preference of shopkeepers rather than the user’s preferences. Because the fact is that, only a family of laptops usually have at least three or more of different custom ROMs, customers are not fluent often rely on the store. Clearly, users are not fluent in the the technology fell into the passive, can not know how the ROM is good  and the most stable current.


Item portable, have distinct characteristics compared with the genuine goods is at warranty policy. Buyers portable are warranted usually only at the place they purchased the machine, they can not be bring to a service center in the country. On the other hand, products portable during using if they meet difficult, users are also limited in terms technical support, was reduced in the framework of the shop and association products portable users. However, if you buy genuine goods at major stores, you can guarantee at any branch, even you can take it directly to a service center of the domestic manufacturers.