The advice for buyers of mobile phones

1. Punch and machine itself:

Folded can cause problems when used with one hand because in many models, heavier chassis lid. If you buy a body model, to ensure that it can function keypad lock to prevent unwanted calls. You should be interested in having felt uncomfortable pressure on the ears do not machines, can hear without frequent adjustment is not, can be used with one hand or not …? These designs too thin can not convenient when both hands are busy, it’s hard to machine ear pressure by clamping it on the shoulder.

2. Size and weight:

Easy to use mobile phones in part thanks to its maneuverability. A conventional machine itself weighs about 100 grams, 12.5 cm long, 5 cm wide and 2.5 cm thick. Dimensions on this scale can be considered big. An exception is the kind of machine integrates personal digital device (PDA) with a mobile phone, looks bulky, more similar to the PDA.

3. Battery capacity:


Most new mobile phones for at least a talktime of 3 hours and standby time of 6 days. Some types allow standby time of up to 14 days.
Please note that the durability of the battery will depend on how you use the machine and the rechargeable battery usually takes 1 hour or longer. When buying the machine, you should buy a higher capacity battery and quick charger adapter. When buying new batteries, you need to charge for “no power”. Note that, for the first time charging, phones are usually full report after 10 or 15 minutes but it was “fake announcement”. You should be in accordance with the user manual of the manufacturer when using batteries. Today, mobile phones (cell phones) have become a prevalent electronic devices thanks to premium features Vietnam, helping you keep in touch almost any time, anywhere. Selection of appropriate machines to the needs of each individual between the numerous models is quite difficult, but you can refer to the following characteristics to be a reasonable decision.

4. Cell Preparation:

Currently, most mobile phone networks in the world use the GSM standard. Both of VinaPhone and MobiFone Vietnam are using this standard. However, some service providers use TDMA or CDMA standards (this is the case of Sfone). If you intend to use the services of any network, they must buy the phone supports the network standard. Experts said that the cellphone 2 mode, which works with both analog networks and digital networks brings greater flexibility, though the sound quality may decline in the analog network.

5. Bands:

As supporting multiple bands, GSM handsets increasingly caught many more waves. There are three bands: 1900 MHz (common in the US), 1800 MHz (prevalent in Asia) and 900 MHz (used mainly in Europe, but Vietnam also use this band). Type your phone supports three bands can operate worldwide, but prices are often more expensive than other types.

6. Monitor:

If you frequently send and receive text messages, surf the Web, or use the built-in calendar machine, large screen is a top priority. Screen 6 line is sufficient for most users; type fewer lines will make you sore eyes and thumb for scrolling. Some machines allow you to adjust the screen as the number of lines, but contains a lot of lines, the smaller font. If you regularly go online, you should consider buying a cell phone PDA combination as it comes keyboard – which is critical for Web surfing, email, messaging – with larger screens common types of mobile phones.
Contrast screen and rear projection lamp power is also an important factor. The different types of mobile phones for various image quality significantly. If your machine allows you to adjust the settings, you can make text and graphics become more easily visible, even in places where a lot of light. Some high-end mobile phones with color screens, helping users more readable, but the price to pay for this convenience is that the battery will soon run out more.


7. Keyboard:

If you do not understand how to use the functionality of the keyboard within a few minutes without instructions, find another machine. The arrangement of the keyboard and intuitive menu system needs. Responsive and easy to press the right button, click the type slightly convex or concave flat type easier. Check the directional keys. Type radio button style joystick menu navigation help is faster but quite rare. Most machines have 4 key direction up, down, left, right.
Some combination PDA handsets have small keyboards. Not everyone feels comfortable when using the tiny buttons, but it’s still easier to use than other types of software keyboard on the touch screen of the handset.

8. Communicate and manage calls:

Cellphones have many call management features: voice dialing, voice recorder, contacts, speed dial … Most handsets provide safety features such as call restrictions come and go , keypad lock and anti delete the entire phonebook. Some models are even function as two-way radios, allowing you to talk to other people with the same type machines without being charged. Activating some features (such as the current number / Hide number, call hold and call for 2 people at the same time) depends on the value-added services provider.
If you want to talk without using your hands (such as driving), look for a model supplied earpiece or headset. If hate wires, you can purchase a headset considering have Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

9. Wireless Data:

Although very few people wishing to transmit data over a mobile phone, almost all of the new models have the ability to perform tasks such as sending and receiving email, download ring tones and simple games or connect to the Internet (through a process WAB). All three networks MobiFone, VinaPhone, and will support the Sfone this service.
GSM standard only allows connections to low speed: 8 Kb / sec on a GSM network, but both MobiFone and VinaPhone are testing GPRS services with speeds of up to 115 Kb ad / sec. During this time, perhaps because there is a free trial so real speed is much lower. Sfone services also support high-speed connections.