The free antivirus software best current 2015

The free antivirus software best today, 2015, the top 5 computer anti-virus programs windows 7 8 8.1 10 Antivirus software is one of the indispensable software on each computer. Lots of free anti-virus software has been updated over the years. All of us know this, and of course the software production company, too. Because of this, to own a copyright antivirus programs are very expensive.

You may not need to spend money to buy the program and hope that Windows Defender will keep you safe, however, has a lot of tests showed that the detection rate is very low (often overlook one of the six threats), it can be a extremely serious problems with your computer.

However, currently on the market are a lot of free antivirus programs can provide strong protection and the possibilities almost equivalent to its paid version. So if you are tired of paying the annual fee for the application and look for the best anti-virus programs are in the following article, we chose the five best tools to create free antivirus excellent shield for your computer

1. Avast Free Antivirus


While the free anti-virus software will not cost any cost when you download, then you probably should prepare psychologically paid in a different way of creating software company. Avast Free Antivirus installation will equip your computer Google toolbar to help you find more convenient.

The features of this software does not stop there. Avast Free Antivirus By default scans “vedu material issues” (junk files, unnecessary applications) as well as malware. Then it displays any problems appearing problems in the machine using a separate display panel, however, this program does not repair any errors unless you purchase the Avast software GrimeFighter.

In return, Avast Free Antivirus has a great interface – it’s quite clear and easy to see layouts. The separate tests showed Avast midrange scores, but also almost on par with AVG, however, lower than the power of Avira.

Besides, this software is also highly appreciated when dealing with zero-day threats, and in our tests, the software provides very little notice fake virus.

It is important that this software blocking malicious URLs better than most other software, which means you will be less likely to encounter malware at the first site visit.

In addition, the software also useful in testing the network security vulnerabilities (like a router using the default password), while prominent software updates and install them with just one click.

Moreover, everything is pretty good layout. If you are not completely satisfied with the Avast Web Shield, you can change the subject and how it scans, said the program can skip a specific URL, process, or MIME file types, and identifies key determine what to do if it finds something.

Avast Free Antivirus can not fully provide the best protection, but its interface is one of the best interfaces, and experienced users will appreciate the layout of the software interface.

2. AVG AntiVirus Free


Have you ever wondered why companies specializing in security released free software? AVG AntiVirus Free So what will be the best answer for you. It’s a great marketing opportunity, and this software often comes with a series of ads, the “Go Pro” and the website link given an invitation to you to decide to upgrade.

However, AVG AntiVirus Free did not spend too much on advertising vacancies but only put them in the background, so the ads on the software may not be a problem.

Schedule a regular scan automatically on certain days of the week or month, or at system startup when you install this software. It will be easy to arrange programs and check for updates, make sure they will not slow down the network bandwidth used when you need the most.

AVG Free is a very good software, but be careful where you click, ads everywhere. On the other hand, AVG Turbo Scan feature of the program has improved scanning speed in the order by scanning files stored on your hard drive. that sounds like a mere gimmick, but in our tests AVG AntiVirus Free show achieved the fastest scanning times in the software group.

Of course, accuracy is more important and in our small test, software for virus detection results and averaging only in the independent testing is not too impressive. AV-Comparatives tests AVG placed in the mid 22 candidates, though tests also showed that this software has a significant plus point for creating very little notice fake virus infection.

Put all AVG AntiVirus Free together just in the top five in our scorecard. Fast scanning speed, the interface looks, and antiphishing good results is the real advantage and if you’re a fan AVG, this is purely a software worth trying.

3. Avira Free Antivirus


Some security companies spend a lot of time and effort into the design of the interface, but Avira is not too focused on that. However, Avira Free Antivirus also has added a graphical launcher on your system tray so the core program is very simple and still look normal.

Fortunately Avira still got top marks in our tests. This company seems interested in the quality of an antivirus software rather than its style. This result is Avira Free Antivirus eventually become one of the free security software best of all.

The program also achieve certain score in independent tests. Whether you test by AV -test, AV – Comparatives VB100, Avira’s tool also almost always very high scores. And it’s not just related to free software. December 2014, Avira ranked fifth among 22 candidates antivirus software components in 2014 with mainly commercial software, with 99.4% the same rate as the computer protection Bitdefender and Kaspersky software. (This really is just a normal figure and absolutely not a fluke – sometimes Avira also topped the list.)

If you are looking for an easy to use software and then let the program do its part notes almost completely automatically, Avira is the most logical choice. . In addition, Avira also has the option to protect the server, autorun key, scanning archives, network drives, set the file types to be scanned, even password protect the installation Avirade others can not do overturning your settings.

Avira Free Antivirus has a distinct shortage of extras and this can be a problem for some users looking for multiple features in a software. Firewall options are added very little (only Avira Firewall was developed based on the standard configuration of Windows Firewall instead of adding new ones), and even the protection of basic web browsing as well as requires a separate browser extensions.

However, for us, the Avira Compact design is an advantage, because it makes the software easy to add other security tools without conflict. Precise elements within the anti-virus tools are also excellent. Therefore, Avira is the top choice of our free antivirus programs.