The note when buying old iPhone

Need to check forms, accessories, as well as information comes select prestigious shopping addresses.
Buy old iPhone is not exactly unusual for Vietnam market in recent years. Attraction of Apple’s products make consumers accept the risks to own them. Cheaply than new goods are sold on prestige distribution channels, telephone “hands” are many choices, especially the iPhone. Apple products always have a hard to resist the appeal to the consumer whether it has been launched a long time ago.

By 2013, the market witnessed the explosion of iPhone 3GS with affordable rates, completely defeating the cheap Android smartphone on the market. With just under 1.5 million amount, you can buy a “super-speed” was released 4 years from that time. One merchant said his store sold more than 20 iPhone 3GS price of 1.35 million and sold out just two weeks later despite loading volume of up to hundreds of machines.

This is being repeated with the duo and iPhone 4S iPhone 4. Of course, these two devices are goods used by merchants to enter and largely unknown origin. Besides, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S is also listed with good price. However, before looking to buy an old iPhone, you should refer to the tips but also the most sincere advice.

Prestigious shopping address


old iPhone sold so many on the market today, most stores including large systems or small retail stores are choosing to sell Apple products as well as goal-oriented business by huge buying power. Therefore, not difficult to find a reputable system with affordable prices and quality of service guarantees.

Beware of buying hand

– Users should limit the sale in the form of ship from afar, instead find location near to manually inspect and try the machine before you decide. If there are errors directly ask the seller.
– Choice of Forum, sales channels registered reputable seller name.
– It should be accompanied by someone experienced to check the machine.

Not every cheap ham

These are problems consumers often suffer Vietnam. And merchants often hit this mentality. But “The money’s there,” you should not be so eager to exchange cheap exasperation with a handset is not as desired.

Merchants entirely possible to give you a very good price, but it is almost their limits to ensure there is enough interest to continue the business. There is a story that you, the shoppers need to know. iPhone also imported many types come with different prices and different degrees of risk also.

Goods are sold in large quantities with prices and variety. Reputable merchants often choose a death row because of low rates (for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS) along with better quality and will cost a lot more expensive. With iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or 5S is a lot more secure. Of course, the merchants also have 2 or 3 to select cheaper to sell to customers. This is also the difficulty of merchants when customers just like every pretty good with cheap rates. If too high, no one to buy their goods when possible, to lower the brothers were in the industry known as dumping. Therefore, the price of the iPhone has only a certain threshold. If someone sells goods cheaper outside near a million you should consider.

Check forms, information and accessories accompanied

Form: This form can superficially tell you a lot about how to use the previous owner. First place you should look before you buy your old machine is the beginning … of machine screws. All the early signs of serious rubbing scratched screw, or screws are flashed different colors or type are signs that the machine had been pried open.

Check communication: With the iPhone 4S or earlier, users should refer to the policies of the store, while the iPhone 5 onwards, the Apple warranty information as evidence to validate the machine has been used for how long, and whether or not refurbished goods.

Besides, the iCloud account information is extremely important, many cases do not have an account iCloud almost useless equipment.

Check accessories attached: When buying old iPhone at the store, usually, you are attached to the charger, headphones, cables connect “batches” that are rarely presented with the genuine. What kind of accessories can cause many problems for you later if it is poor quality goods. These common mistakes can be seen as not fully charge the battery status, heater, or even fire during charging … Therefore, you should ask to provide genuine accessories, it is possible it will cause the price of the machine will be to team up.