ViewSonic VA1903a: The windows of the soul for ordinary users

With the nearest cheapest price in the market, ViewSonic VA1903a still has good quality, consistent with the demands of the entertainment and working.

When choosing to buy one cheap PC platforms, users generally prefer to invest in longer-screen configuration, the criterion “choose the cheap.” Few people are aware of the importance of these components. A low-quality screen makes games and movies more or less deteriorated, and cause eyestrain if you use PC for long time; the base is extremely weak. Knowing that all along, many of us have had to close their eyes to  forget about it because the budget is not enough.

If getting into such situations, there is a very good product for your reference: It is ViewSonic VA1903a – a screen is quite a real good buy but quality property on the expectations.

Reference retail price: 1.759 million VND.

DigitalSize: 18.5 inches

Panels: TN

Resolution: 1366 x 768

Static Contrast Ratio: 600: 1

Viewing angle: 90 degrees (horizontal) / 65 degrees (straight)

Response time: 5 ms

Backlight: WLED

Brightness: 200 cd / m2

Video output ports: 1 x DSUB

Power consumption: 5W (Eco mode) / 15 to 17 W (normal mode)

ViewSonic VA1903a

Despite of good price, but the screen is still decent canned, causing sympathy at the first sight. ViewSonic does not fussy peel, just put the information and basic technology for products that they want people to know about, such as:

ViewMode: Multiple picture modes for different needs, such as watching movies, playing games, writing text …

Flicker-Free viewing: Eliminates flicker when using.

– Blue light filter filter the blue wavelength causing fatigue and eyestrain.

Eco-mode: Energy saving mode.

ViewSonic VA1903a

Like most of screen on the market today, VA1903a has integral bipod. This product’s size: 18.5 inch (diagonal), 1366 x 768 in common. Screen surface roughness, no reflection when placed opposite the light source, can be used in all conditions and locations.

VA1903a does not use the display adapter, the antihypertensive is integrated with screen so the back screen protrudes a little bit.


On the back of the screen there are 4 screw holes for wall mounting, which is useful if the small scale user’s computer. This is also a factor makes the net game stores enjoy ViewSonic products.

The screen with only one connector image is D-Sub, just as the advantages are both disadvantages of the product.
The disadvantage is that: The graphics card intermediate and advanced no further support this portal, users will need to go to DVI – VGA DSUB if used from older GTX 950. However, for a large segment of Vietnamese gamers use ordinary VGA segment (from GTX 750 Ti down), there is little advantage to be able to reduce costs for the DVI port is never used.

Not only good price but also good design is one of VA1903a advantages. Complete plastic shell is made of aluminum hairline look very luxury, head and shoulders above plastic or plastic smooth and glossy screen have the same price range.

Setting Power buttons and knobs make the mechanical type, size just hand, good bounce.

However the words are slightly submerged node name that users will encounter little difficulty in setting screens.
Big rugged brackets, there are 6 friction rubber cushion cut with a table in below, making the screen extremely robust stand.



– Color stable.
– Beautiful design with aluminum hairline priceless.
– Range of setting buttons do good, reasonable size, click bouncing.
– Stand firm, tight friction with the table.
– Brackets removable screens can be mounted on the wall.
– Cheapest price market.
– Symbols of the range setting buttons look a little harder.
– Only D-Sub port.