Will iPhone 7 change the difficulties that Apple is facing?

Daniel Ives, an analyst of consumer electronics consulting company FBR Capital with plenty of evidence indicate the impairment of iPhone in the next generation.


     Apple quite effort to develop luxury consumer devices other than the smartphone space to expand the brand in the market and enhance revenue. But the fact is that Apple is still very much dependent on the iPhone. IPhone sales accounted for 2 part 3 total fourth quarter revenue / 2015, up more than 54% over the same period last year, and this raises the problem of diversity rather complicated business for Apple.

iPhone shines constantly and always attract consumers is a good thing, but also contains many risks for the Apple. Apple tried to conquer and expand new market segments bring more revenues because stock prices were down significantly in recent times. At $ 100 / share, down approximately 20% compared with summer 2015.


Smart phone market can be said at the height, the manufacturer is also quite hesitated for new product investments and do not eliminate Apple. While the iPhone brings revenue 51.5 billion, accounting for the majority of companies, so it is recommended that Ives Apples should focus on developing other fields after the release of iphone 7.


Apple focus on promoting sales of luxury electronic equipment other and Apple met a big difficulty when iPad signs as “stalled”. The products and services Apple Watch, Apple and Apple Music Pay did not leave an impression on consumers and only contribute 4% of sales Q4, 2015.

     iPhone 7 has the potential to boost sales of Apple after the launch, but rather traditional launch new products after 12 months were less attractive in the eyes of consumers. They had to wait two years to get a new sample differences, while on market two years luxury smartphones released much we could count. This is why analysts Apple should plan to innovate to do not be pushed into the market soon.

The Rumors of iPhone 7

Rumors of iPhone 7

To maintain sales, iPhone 7 must really impressed this is also consistent with the recent leaks of information about the signs of innovation and new features. Phone the top of the next-generation Apple is rumored to be removed 3.5 mm headphone jack, USB Type-C to bring up and improve 3D Touch. iPhone 7 also features a waterproof and dust, support health monitoring.