Windows 8 integrate Dolby technologies

Next OS Microsoft has no means to play DVDs but in return, support Dolby technologies and functions to help parents control their children access the Internet.

Microsoft continues to provide more information on the operating system Windows 8. It is expected that the introduction of commercial Windows 8 will take place in the autumn of this year, with a series of remarkable new features, according to InformationWeek website.

Within the framework of a new agreement reached last week with Dolby Laboratories, Microsoft will equip the PCs and tablets on Windows 8 and Windows RT functions integrated Dolby Digital Plus (for both systems system architecture running x86 processors and ARM). This means that users will enjoy high-quality sound, as well as 5.1 audio taken out of the loudspeaker system.

However, Windows 8 does not have the ability to play DVDs (this functionality is not present in the Windows Media Player application). Microsoft explained that nowadays mostly videos downloaded from the Internet should not need support from optical disc formats. Users can complement this shortcoming by the third-party software.

9Windows 8 tablets will use reading software Nook

Windows Media Center software allows to record and playback video from TV sources or other sources default will not be present in Windows 8. To be using Windows Media Center, users can only purchase Windows 8 Media Center Pack (additional package add to Windows 8) or Windows 8 Pro pack (additional package for Windows 8 Pro), according to InformationWeek. Microsoft has not said the price of this package.

All PCs and tablets based on Windows 8 and Windows RT as well as all future smartphone models running Windows Phone will automatically connect users with free services SkyDrive cloud storage immediately after posting import. The goal is for users to have access to all their data via the cloud regardless of the type of device they are using.

Integrated Family Safety app in Windows 8 will allow the parents monitor their children’s Internet access, content filtering and blocking access to some certain sources. Previously, to get this functionality, users must download the application manually.

The tablets running Windows 8 will give Nook app users to read e-books. This is the result of Microsoft invested $ 605 million in Barnes & Noble – e-book publisher in America’s second largest.

As reported before, along with the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft will Windows Live brand of death and rename all the simple service of Microsoft services. Data storage service called SkyDrive continue; Simple e-mail called Mail contacts are also known as People. All these services are integrated in a user’s account.

According InformaitonWeek, followed by the Consumer Preview was released, in the coming months, Micorosoft will launch Windows 8 Preview Release.