ZenFone 3 equipped with a fingerprint sensor, use Qualcomm chips instead of Intel

After a long period of time is quite tight-lipped in the mobile market, ASUS now is reportedly rushing to launch smartphones ZenFone 3 new generation for this year. Currently, it is unclear ZenFone third period was announced, but according to preliminary information, the machine will soon appear in May or June 2015.

Notably, ZenFone 3 is also the first smartphone equipped ASUS fingerprint sensor. This information becomes more accurate, while Jerry Shen CEO ASUS was also confirmed at the event each MWC 2016. But instead of attacking the premium segment, ZenFone 3 just a mid-range device, but cheap blow.


ZenFone means 3 will return true nature of the first generation of ZenFone. Specifically, the machine will have 2 versions similarities in design, but different in configuration. These two machines are the source code leak is revealed Z010DD and the Z012D, is rumored ZenFone 2 version 3 of this year.

The reason, many believe, this is the next generation of ZenFone ASUS, by generation of ZenFone 2 last year also is Z008 and Z00AD machine code. In particular, the source stressed, ASUS has suspended cooperation with mobile chipmaker Intel, Qualcomm instead.

However, this source said, Intel is still the main partner ASUS in numerous upcoming smartphone. Intel mobile chips famed for power saving capabilities, performance not inferior to the same processor, but is suffering from weakness compatibility with applications.

Proved to be a line of smartphones, tablets on the market today that use Intel’s mobile chips are not a good activity for a number of new titles. Meanwhile, with Qualcomm, a senior producer at the smartphone market in general, the Snapdragon chip is preferred.


Therefore, the special nature of ZenFone 3 important product line shaped smartphone market in 2016 by ASUS, Qualcomm has been selected. Accordingly, this version will be the ZenFone Z012D 3 most powerful configuration, there will be a version Z010DD lower configuration, but possessed the big screen.
Specifically, ZenFone Z012D 3 version will continue to equip the screen size of 5.5 inch, Full HD resolution, that is equivalent to the predecessor ZenFone 2. Meanwhile, the machine will be equipped with processors Qualcomm Snapdragon 650, 3GB RAM, 12 MP main camera, 5 MP camera selfie.

Some design ideas on ZenFone 3.

It must be emphasized, on ZenFone 3 650 Snapdragon Qualcomm listed only line S600 processor mid-range, but this chipset performance owned equally high-end chips. Specifically Snapdragon processor owns 650 6 people including 2 cores and 4 cores A72 A53 reach speeds of 1.8 GHz.

Snapdragon proved redmi 650 on the Xiaomi Note 3 was big surprise for the tech world, when this processor was even stronger than the Snapdragon 808. Furthermore, this chipset also comes with a new GPU Adreno 510 , supports screen resolution 2K, 4K video recording support and Cat.7 LTE connectivity.

ZenFone 3 Z010DD longer version will own slightly smaller configuration, towards general users. But in return, the machine will own screen size up to 5.9 inch, 720p HD resolution, also integrates 615 Snapdragon processor, and 3GB of RAM. The parameters remaining the same.